Data Enhancement

Add value to your data by adding the data you value

Incomplete data seriously hampers an organisation, yet it’s surprisingly common. Business needs change, regulatory requirements evolve. Sometimes, you simply inherit partial and fragmented data.

Re-surveying seems to be the only answer; revisiting your entire geography to re-evaluate the assets in question. It’s an expensive and time-consuming project, but how else can you fill those blank data-fields?

We leverage the data you do have, along with the knowledge of your experts, to determine – or infer – what’s missing. Saving you the time and cost of surveying your entire estate.

“1Spatial have helped us to find innovative solutions to some of our long-standing business problems that have then been delivered quickly and efficiently.” 

Paul Williams, Data and BI Strategy Manager | United Utilities

United Utilities unites its data

With more complete, more accurate geospatial data, United Utilities can run more accurate deterioration models and build better predictive maintenance plans. In turn, this enables the company to reduce cost and replace more assets at the optimal point, before they fail.

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Partial data is a problem in many sectors

Organisations with large amounts of legacy data, such as water companies and transportation agencies, are especially prone to this challenge.

We work with clients to enhance the value of their data by determining missing features or completing missing attributes.

We work with your experts – the creators and users of the data – to distil the experience, knowledge and expertise in their heads into consistent, objective and repeatable rules. For example, “a house of this age, size and location will have a sewer pipe of this size and construction located to the rear of the property.”

Our knowledge management approach of encoding expertise enables clients to infer what their missing data should be with a high degree of certainty. Results can then be confirmed, as required, by surveying a small sample rather than the entire estate.

We cost-effectively improve the value of your data and the confidence users have in it. Our data inference solutions really make your data smarter.

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