Data Migration and Transformation

Move your data and meet new standards

Migrating mission-critical data to a new system needn’t be a nightmare. Transforming your data assets to comply with new standards like INSPIRE doesn’t need to be an expensive, time-consuming project.

Our intelligent, automated solutions make migration a controlled, repeatable and traceable process.

“This innovative approach will provide OSi with greater flexibility and scalability for the future growth of our organisation, enhancing services, data quality and value to the State.”

Colin Bray, CEO | Ordnance Survey Ireland

Case Study – Ordnance Survey Ireland

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Transform your data with confidence

New software systems or new industry standards can require significant changes to your spatial data.

Our automated, rules-based approach dramatically reduces the time and cost of data migration or transformation.

It also provides an audit trail so that you always know what happened when. And, you can repeat exactly the same process on different data-sets.

Our technology also performs the intelligent manipulation required, for example, to break single linear assets like roads or pipelines into separate records at every junction or join.

We help customers translate data to meet standards such as the European Community INSPIRE specification. We help them transform their data from one structure to another.

Data quality can be monitored and even actively improved as part of the same process, making your data smarter and fit for purpose.

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