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5 Hot Features of FME

Category: Webinar

Start: July 20, at 12.30 pm

End: July 20, at 1.30 pm

Location: Online

With Safe Software's latest release of FME 2023, our team of 1Spatial FME certified consultants have put together a must-attend webinar on the "Five Hot Features" of FME2023.

During this live, interactive session, our experts will guide you through the top five features of FME2023 and show you how to leverage them to solve complex data integration challenges.

  1. New FME Workbench interface that makes it easier to work with large and complex data sets
  2. Improved FME Server that enables users to run jobs more efficiently
  3. New transformers, such as the ArcGIS Vector Tile Reader and Writer, that make it easier to work with GIS data
  4. FME Hub functionality that allows for easier sharing and collaboration of workspaces and transformers across the FME community
  5. Enhanced support for cloud-based services in FME 2023, enabling greater flexibility and scalability.

Whether you're new to FME or an experienced user, this webinar is a must-attend event. Our consultants have years of experience in solving complex data integration challenges and are experts in FME. They'll be on hand to answer any questions you may have and help you get the most out of this powerful data integration and transformation platform.

So, join us for this exciting and informative webinar and discover the "Five Hot Features" of FME2023.

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