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Location: Online
Start: 15th July at 12:30 pm  (AEST)
Finish: 15th July at 2:00 pm  (AEST)

Did you know Australia is located on one of the Earth's most rapidly moving tectonic plates? Resulting in Australia moving seven centimetres north-east per year!

Australian Government departments and private sector organisations are now contemplating their game plan for the migration of GDA94 to GDA2020. This data implementation is important for organisations that want to take advantage of having sub-decimetre coordinate accuracy when capturing high accuracy data. 

Here at 1Spatial, we continue to work with customers across a range of diverse sectors delivering exciting and challenging projects that deliver new tools and platforms for managing their data. We have worked on projects with different customers to manage and track the transition to GDA2020- enabling users to migrate their data to the new datum.

During the session, we will hear from the latest case studies to help you understand the requirements needed to replace GDA94 with the new GDA2020. Followed by 1Spatial "Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) Solution and how it can be used to transform data to the new GDA2020 Datum. In particular how it is used to determine Vector Shifts to shift geometry, assets and validate the resultant data sets.


  • Opening intro – Andrej Mocicka
  • Case Study - Bayside Council
  • 1Spatial PAI Solution - Ashish Manandhar
  • Open Q & A with guest presenter Richard Stanaway from Quick Close

Join our webinar to learn how these organisations migrate their data to this new datum!

In the meantime, if you have any technical questions you would like answered during our session, send us an email and we'll be sure to cover it. 

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