Save time and money by automating data processes

1Spatial solutions automate even the most complex processes for the management, integration and manipulation of spatial data.

Our enterprise-wide, rules-based approach puts ownership and control firmly in your hands.

The experience and knowledge of your experts is encapsulated in a central set of user-managed rules that are repeatable, objective and consistently applied.

Your experts are therefore freed up to focus on driving innovation and the time and expense of effective data stewardship is dramatically reduced.

“1Spatial has a good understanding of what’s required and over the last couple of years we’ve developed a very collaborative relationship. It’s helped us massively. Not only does it save us a lot of time and money, but it means we end up with the best solution for our needs.”

Corporal Richard Jennings | No 1 Aeronautical Information Documents Unit UK

Data Quality

Ensuring your data is fit for purpose. Define your data quality requirements, check how well your data conforms, and then cost-effectively bring your data up to standard.

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“The individuals that we have worked with at 1Spatial have demonstrated a deep understanding of our requirements as well as a profound grasp of data management and data integrity issues in a broader context.”

Malcolm Havercroft, Head of Operations for Data Collection & Management | Ordnance Survey GB

Data Management

Take cost-effective control of your data throughout its lifecycle. Ensure it meets your requirements for accuracy, currency and compliance with standards.

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Learn more about how 1Spatial can help you efficiently maintain confidence in your critical boundary data.

Administrative Boundary Management

Boundary editing can be a slow, inefficient and error-prone process – Find a simpler way to manage district boundaries.

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Learn more about automatically generating accurate and up to date schematics for your network, whether you work in transport, utilities or any other sector.


Automated Schematics

Maintaining schematic views of your network shouldn’t be so hard or expensive – find out how to automatically generate schematics from your asset data.

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“1Spatial have helped us to find innovative solutions to some of our long-standing business problems that have then been delivered quickly and efficiently.”

Paul Williams, Data and BI Strategy Manager | United Utilities

Asset Management

Complete and accurate data is essential for effective asset management. Maximise asset value by investing in the right assets and ensuring they are properly maintained.

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“1Spatial has a deep understanding of the complexity of our legacy data. In partnership, we’ve strived to make important innovations such as the new data model and new workflow management systems that enable us to effectively and efficiently update our database.”

Colin Bray, CEO | Ordnance Survey Ireland


Make data capture as simple and efficient as possible. Getting it right first time is the key to effective data capture.

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On-Demand Webinar – There’s just never a “right time” to run a Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) project, but there is a “right way” – one that minimises risk, disruption and cost. Watch our free, 30-minute webinar to find out more.

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Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI)

Inaccuracy is often a problem for organisations that have data sets pre-dating the use of accurate GPS surveying technology – Improve the absolute accuracy of your positional data.

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“Auto-generalisation ensures that all states can deliver data in the same structure and to the same quality for the customer.”

Dr Dietrich Schürer, Head of the ATKIS Generalisation Technical Committee | AdV Germany

Scaling Data – Generalisation

Producing small scale maps from large scale data is traditionally a complex and time-consuming process but it doesn’t need to be with automatic generalisation.

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“Across the globe, city administrations, utility companies, transport providers and others are partnering to explore ways of combining technology trends to better connect cities and citizens. In short, to create Smart Cities.”

United Nations | World Urbanization Prospects, The 2014 Revision

Smart Cities

In our free Little Book of Smart Cities, we explore the growth of the Smart City concept and how successful projects have used geospatial data to help their cities get smarter.

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