Backup and Restore

There are two methods for backup and restore when using 1Integrate.

  • Back up and Restore Items

  • Full Repository Backup and Restore

     Note: Full repository backup and restore can only be carried out by a user with the 1int-repository permission.

When performing the backup and restore of items, the following can be downloaded (backup) or uploaded (restore) by right-clicking objects in the Navigation Pane:

  • Data Stores

  • Rules

  • Rule templates

  • Actions

  • Action Maps

  • Sessions

  • Folders

Backup Items

Performing a back-up downloads your chosen objects in JSON.

Depending on the item you are downloading, the following will be true:

  • Sessions are downloaded with all the items needed for the run to complete, such as any Rules or Actions referenced in the Session.

  • Rules and Actions are downloaded with all referenced templates.

  • Action Maps are downloaded with referenced Rules and Actions.

  • Folders are downloaded with the folder structure and all items within the folders.

Closedbackup an item

  1. Within the Navigation Pane, right click the item to download.

         Note: Multiple items can be downloaded to the same zip file by holding the Ctrl key and selecting items in the Navigation Pane. If you select a folder, all items within the folder will be downloaded and the folder structure will be retained.

  2. Select  Backup.

  3. Your 1Integrate item will be downloaded for future use.

Restoring Items

Uploaded items are placed in the folder structure defined by the location of the items in the backup. If identically named Rules or Actions already exist at those locations, they are restored with an increasing numbered suffix (e.g. Rule, Rule 2, Rule 3).

     Note: File and password information is not included in the backups. If you are restoring file based Data Stores then you will need to upload all associated files and any Data Stores requiring password authentication will need their passwords re-entering.

When uploading an JSON, the system also uploads:

  • All referenced items in a Session, such as Rules and Actions
  • Any referenced templates within Rules and Actions
  • Any referenced Rules and Actions within Action Maps
  • All items within folders as well as the original folder structure
  • Any associated Data Stores for a Session

Closedrestore an item

  1. Within the Navigation Pane, either click the restore icon or right-click at the folder level at which you would like to upload.

  2. Drag and drop files onto the screen, or click Browse then navigate to the file you want to upload and click Open.

    The window you upload a backup file to, either by drag and drop or clicking and browsing a file system.
    Drag and drop an item to upload
  3. Click Upload.

    Each item uploaded is displayed and reasons are given for any items that were not loaded. An error will be displayed if the contents of the upload are not valid.

  4. Click Done to confirm the upload.

Backup and Restore Repository

From the Repository Administration tab of the Dashboard it is possible to perform a full backup and restore of the data contained in your repository.

Performance Tips

Performing a full Backup or Restore of your database can represent a memory intensive process, particularly where the repository contains a lot of data (e.g. Data Store features, large Sessions and a lot of Rules).

We recommend ensuring that 1Integrate has 1GB of memory available per 10,000 items.

To increase the maximum memory allocated to your 1Integrate installation, please see Increase Memory.


To back up your entire 1Integrate repository, perform the following steps:

     Note: You will need to be logged in as a user with the 1int-repository permission to perform a full repository backup.

  1. Navigate to the Repository Administration tab of the 1Integrate Dashboard.

  2. Select Backup Repository.

         Note: Depending on the size of your repository this can take fairly significant amount of time.


To restore a repository, perform the following actions:

  1. Navigate to the Repository Administration tab of the 1Integrate Dashboard.

  2. Select Restore Repository.

  3. Select Ok, and upload your chosen repository to begin the restoration.

     Note: You will need to be logged in as a user with the 1int-repository permission to perform a full repository backup.

The following will be true, depending on the status of your 1Integrate when you perform a restoration:

  • Objects only in 1Integrate and not contained in the backup will be deleted.

  • Objects contained in both the restore data and 1Integrate will use the restored objects.

  • Objects only in the backup will be created in 1Integrate upon restoration.