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The 1Spatial rules engine lies at the heart of our approach to spatial data management.

A rules-based approach ensures that processes are easily automated and repeatable, across the enterprise and across different technology platforms. By turning expert knowledge into user-managed rules, we also ensure that the best judgements are applied objectively and consistently.

Our technology is designed to manage complex, multivariable rules on large volumes of data. In fact, our technology manages some of the largest geospatial databases in the world.

Need Support?

We provide expert support for all 1Spatial products and also resell and support other leading geospatial products such as FME and Geocortex.

Our Client Support team combines deep product knowledge with broad industry expertise ensuring we can quickly help you resolve any issues you may have. The support team works closely with colleagues in the software development team so that we can better support bespoke systems and have the latest insights on our off-the-shelf applications.



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