FME World Tour 2018 – Cardiff

Sorry, this event has ended. Please view our Events page for more.

Category: Conferences

Start: April 25, 2018

End: April 25, 2018

Location: Principality Stadium, Cardiff, UK

As a Platinum Authorised Partner of Safe Software, we are delighted to be hosting FME World Tour! The events will focus on:

  • ensuring existing users discover and understand how to apply the new capabilities of FME 2018
  • allowing new users to explore how to get a rapid return on their investment
  • …..and if you just want to come along and find out if FME is the right solution for you we’ll demonstrate a number of case studies from our existing customers to help you make a decision.

We’ve got a fantastic line up of speakers to show you how integrating and connecting with FME can give many advantages to your organisation. Register now!

Saved time with FME? Built something incredible? Have tips or tricks to share? Now’s your chance to shine! Get in touch to present at one of our FME World Tour events:

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