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G-Cloud 12

1Spatial have eight services available under GCloud 12 that can be found here.

Our G-Cloud 12 services are designed to support public sector organisations at every stage of their digital transformation.

Geospatial, GIS or mapping data is increasingly central to effective decision-making and digital by default approaches at all levels of government. However, the volume and variety of data (and data sources) makes it more difficult to manage that data to ensure consistency, currency and accuracy across the organisation.

Our G-Cloud services are designed to cover every stage of adopting digital from the management of data quality through to the design and deployment of web-based mapping applications that deliver greater insight and help users visualise their data.

The services are available under two G-Cloud categories (or “lots”): Cloud Software and Cloud Support. They are:

Cloud Software

1Spatial Data Quality and Data Governance Service

Service ID: 5304 4311 4834 460

Underpinned by 1Integrate, 1Spatial’s software for automatically validating, cleaning, and enhancing your location or geospatial data using rules.

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1Spatial Geospatial Data Quality Portal

Service ID: 5303 6671 1922 827

Powered by 1Data Gateway, the portal allows quality assurance reporting and validation of data being supplied to a central dataset.

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1Spatial Facilities Management Service

Service ID: 1935 4320 7504 759

Using 1Spatial’s GIS/BIM platform, Realworld 4D, that uses automated data management to create a virtual real-world or digital twin of your data.

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1Spatial Location Mobile Service

Service ID: 1259 4885 3295 592

A mobile platform that can build easy-to-use, flexible apps to enable data quality assurance when collecting geospatial data from the field.

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1Spatial Data Integration Cloud Service

Service ID: 3015 7440 9498 236

Using FME for data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL). As a Platinum Partner 1Spatial provides ETL expertise wherever your data is located.

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1Spatial Web Mapping GIS Services

Service ID: 5857 3158 2114 916

Underpinned by Geocortex Essentials, transforms the process of designing, building and managing web-based GIS and geospatial applications, helping you to accomplish even more with Esri’s ArcGIS® Enterprise.

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Cloud Support

1Spatial Data Management Advisory Services

Service ID: 4333 6620 0307 533

Helping you to develop data management and data quality strategies.

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1Spatial Data Management Implementation Services

Service ID: 2015 5885 1914 956

Helping you to design, build and implement data management cloud solutions.

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