Land and Environmental Management

Smarter geospatial data for a faster route to authoritative records

Government land and environmental management organisations are the custodians and stewards of geospatial data in every country.

In a world of instant and “good enough” geospatial data, these organisations are a source of definitive, digitised and authoritative digital records.

But, they often struggle to meet increased demand for their services and increased value expectations from data.

We work with organisations in every area of land and environmental management, helping them to achieve smarter geospatial data without ever sacrificing the quality on which their reputations rest.



Case Study – Ordnance Survey Ireland

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Smarter geospatial data for land management

Accurate digitisation of the land and the subsequent publication of digital land records are essential for effective land management, whether you are a rural payments agency or a countryside steward.

Discrepancies delay payments and effective countryside stewardship.  Maintaining accurate digital records for thousands of ever-changing land parcels is a challenge.

Organisations need effective geospatial data infrastructures to digitise the land and automate the validation of land records, speeding up payments and countryside stewardship without increasing operating costs.

Smarter geospatial data for environmental management

Environmental management organisations live and breathe geospatial data. Everything that organisations track, monitor and manage needs accurate location data associated with it.

But, geospatial records are sometimes inaccurate, especially for rural areas, and data collection, digitisation and publication can be expensive, labour-intensive and time-consuming.

We work with environmental organisations around the world to make the process of geospatial data custodianship more efficient and to improve the digitisation, governance and publication of their geospatial records.

We specialise in workflow automation and management of geospatial data infrastructures

Our rules-based technology automates traditionally time-consuming data management processes such as validationintegrationconflation and enrichment.

Land and Environmental management organisations can improve data governance as a result, without compromising on quality.  We work with land and environmental management organisations around the globe. Our clients – with some of the largest and most advanced geospatial infrastructures in the world.

Working in partnership with your data experts, we can help you develop user-defined, user-managed and automated workflows and data governance that can be applied to your geospatial data infrastructure consistently and objectively.

Automated data workflows and data governance can run at the point of data collection – on surveyor or inspector mobile devices – to validate and correct digital entries, avoiding the need for expensive re-visits.  Automated data governance can also run against existing data or act as a gatekeeper for new data from partner or contractor organisations.

We enable the publication of geospatial data

Business users and citizens want easy and simple access to data for modelling and analysis purposes.  Geocortex provides a versatile framework for extending Esri’s ArcGIS Platform even further.  Geocortex Essentials helps you to build and manage targeted, powerful web mapping applications for publishing data on virtually any device.  Geocortex Workflow enables you to design and implement automated workflows with streamlined user interactions.  Geocortex Essentials Manager provides capabilities to design and manage multiple business applications.

With over 45 years of experience, we partner with you to deliver the results you value.

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