Location Master Data Management

1Spatial is a global leader in providing Location Master Data Management (LMDM) software, solutions and business applications for managing location and geospatial data, enabling customers to unlock the value of their data. 

The Challenge

Today – as location data from smartphones, the Internet of Things and great lakes of commercial Big Data drive commercial decision-making, 1Spatial’s technology ensures efficiency and provides organisations with confidence in the data they use.

Connecting or combining data from multiple sources multiplies the insight available: preventative maintenance can be planned more effectively; customer service can become more usefully targeted and emergency services can be more accurately deployed.

However, an abundance of different and disparate data sets potentially nestled in silos across the organisation can present a huge challenge. It was probably collected over different periods, at different frequencies, to different levels of accuracy and for different purposes. It is also very likely that it would be stored in different formats and at different levels of quality and completeness in different places.

Managing and maintaining this data to ensure it is fit for purpose and ready to be used in the business or to make critical decisions upon can be very hard and when done manually, incredibly complex. The potential time and cost of this can appear unmanageable.

The Solution

1Spatial’s Location Master Data Management (LMDM) software and solutions revolutionise this process, delivering significant time and cost savings whilst crucially providing data owners with confidence that they can rely on and trust their data.

Incorporating our patented 1Integrate rules engine alongside other business-focused applications, 1Spatial’s LMDM software ensures data is current, complete and coordinated – and remains that way as the data evolves.  It can cleanse, match and integrate varied data inputs and provide a suite of business applications to derive further value from this information. These enable organisations to integrate data, synchronise disparate sources or prepare their data for system replacement and consolidation.


Seven ways to utilise the power of 1Spatial’s LMDM to enable you to unlock the value from your data:

  • Ensure your data is fit for purpose and ready to be used and relied upon in your business and used within your business applications and solutions
  • Fully integrate location data with non-spatial data and existing Master Data Management plans
  • Prepare disparate data sources for integration including validation and correction
  • Implement automated data improvement processes including change only update
  • Embed Location Master Data Management Corporate Governance principles and solutions into your organisation
  • Maintain compliance as data is effectively managed and silos removed
  • Create innovative new business applications underpinned by location data to solve your business issues using a rules-based approach


Unlock the value of data

At 1Spatial, we are striving to make the world more sustainable, safer and smarter for the future. We believe the answers to achieving these goals are held in data and are committed to working with our customers to unlock the value of their data and create a smarter world.

The importance of location-based solutions and the accuracy of the data that underpins these solutions has become an imperative for businesses and governments to provide effective services to their customers or citizens. LMDM enables our customers to provide better services, trust and rely on their data, whilst also saving time and money.

Smarter data means smarter decisions, and smarter decisions mean a smarter world!


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