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Join us at the FME World Fair 2021

It’s FREE, it’s virtual and you’ll discover some of the best tips & tricks, newest updates, and innovative ways customers are using FME.

Roll up, roll up and register now. The FME World Fair takes place between 4th to 14th May.

Why attend?

  • Learn from Safe Software, the makers of FME, as well as a whole host of global partners in targeted sessions.
  • Network with thousands of new and existing users, as well as our FME Certified experts and the Safe Software team.
  • Explore the new and exciting functionality in the latest release of FME.

Join us on 12th May between 10.30-12.00 GMT: Circus Tricks, juggling your data challenges with 1Spatial

If you want to learn to be an effective juggler, it takes practice. It also helps if you have a good teacher who can help you with tricks to keep your clubs in the air. If you want to be an effective data wrangler you need FME, but you also need the skills to use it. In this session we’re going to focus on helping you to tame your data with FME and we’re going to dig deep and cover some serious circus tricks, so you leave with some new skills. So, if manual data processing tasks are getting you down, we’ll show you that you don’t necessarily need to run away and join the circus... just get FME instead.

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Agenda subject to change:

  • 1Spatial Intro: David Eagle, FME Division Manager, 1Spatial
  • Welcome to the 1Spatial hosted FME World Fair event! A series of technical workshops to add some new skills to your Data Integration toolkit! David Eagle, FME Division Manager, 1Spatial
  • The Hot Features in FME 2021: Features you might have missed and how they’ll benefit you. David Eagle, FME Division Manager, 1Spatial
  • FME 2021: This latest edition is box-fresh and brings with it the usual mix of new connectivity, usability, and performance enhancements. But it’s not always the big hitting features that have the most impact on your day-to-day data wrangling life. So, this session will look at the detail of some of the new features and see how they will make life simpler in practice. David Eagle, FME Division Manager, 1Spatial
  • Check out the (web)hook while FME revolves it: Ever hung out with the cool IT kids and been forced to nod when they started talking about ‘webhooks’; although secretly thinking, “what in the heck is a webhook?”. Or maybe you understand the concept but don’t know what you might do with a webhook practically. In this session we’ll take you through the detail of webhooks and show you them in context and who knows, at the end, you’ll perhaps be able to send notifications when a data processing task is completed to Microsoft Teams! Simon Green, Principal Consultant, 1Spatial
  • Regular expressions; they’re not regular at all, they’re extraordinary! You might think that REGEX is a dark art, or, you might have never heard of Regular Expressions, but seriously… now’s your chance to unlock a new skill and be guided through the impact they can make on your workspaces. Regular Expressions are incredibly useful if you need to do any form of pattern matching in your data. For example validating that a tax code is correctly formed, or that a telephone number has the right number of digits, so that it has the best chance of ringing when you dial it. In this session we’ll take you through REGEX-101, showing you how to form them and deploy them in FME with a huge impact on your productivity. Bring your own pop-corn and candy-floss!  Mary O’Brien, Principal Consultant, 1Spatial
  • Wrap up: David Eagle, FME Division Manager, 1Spatial
  • Thanks, and post event resources: David Eagle, FME Division Manager, 1Spatial

Did you know we're also hosting a session on 7th May focussing on customer experiences with FME?

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