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Join us at the FME World Fair 2021

It’s FREE, it’s virtual and you’ll discover some of the best tips & tricks, newest updates, and innovative ways customers are using FME.

Roll up, roll up and register now. The FME World Fair takes place between 4th to 14th May.

Why attend?

  • Learn from Safe Software, the makers of FME, as well as a whole host of global partners in targeted sessions.
  • Network with thousands of new and existing users, as well as our FME Certified experts and the Safe Software team.
  • Explore the new and exciting functionality in the latest release of FME.

Join us on 7th May between 10.00-11.30 GMT: User stories and effective plate-spinning with 1Spatial

In this session hear how our customers have used FME as an effective balancing pole to help steady their steps along the tightrope that is their data. In the last year, we’ve seen an increased up take in FME to help support the efforts of the pandemic, to automate data loads and to facilitate connections between disparate and varied systems and services. Come and join us and hopefully their experience of taming their data will help you avoid a pie in the face!

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  • 1Spatial Intro: David Eagle, FME Division Manager, 1Spatial
    • Welcome to the 1Spatial hosted FME World Fair event! A showcase of our innovative customers!
  • What trends are we seeing in the usage of FME? David Eagle, FME Division Manager, 1Spatial
    • Over the years we’ve seen the way people use FME and the type of environments they connect to change. FME is certainly not just used to handle the CAD to GIS dilemma, though of course that still exists as a necessary scenario. So what trends are we seeing at the moment? What’s “hot right now” in the world of Data Integration? Join us for this session and will give you an overview of what we’re seeing across the sectors we’re working in.
  • Customer showcase: Selection of speakers
    • In the hour that follows we’ve got a great line up of customer driven examples that showcase how our clients are making use of FME in innovative ways to Connect, Transform and Automate their data world.
  • Wrap up, thanks, and post event resources: David Eagle, FME Division Manager, 1Spatial

Did you know we're also hosting a session on 12th May, which is distinctly more technical and looks at some of the new 2021 features and focuses on providing you with some special skills to help you tame your data?

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