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1Spatial will be joined by Geoplace in the upcoming webinar on UPRNs and their essential role in good quality data in the Emergency Services

Date: 21st October 

Time: 11:00am - 11:45am (BST) 

Richard Duffield from GeoPlace will discuss why achieving high quality data for persons, objects, locations and events requires a high quality adoption of the Unique Property Reference Number.

Phill Ridley from 1Spatial will then demonstrate ways of helping police forces, fire and ambulance services integrate the UPRN into their data, ensuring they get maximum value from the UPRN and their wider data infrastructure

Laura Gribble from GeoPlace will then join the panel who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Richard Duffield, Head of Customer Insight, GeoPlace

Richard is responsible for defining and delivering the vision for insight led decision making within GeoPlace. Leading the Customer Insights team, we work with users, colleagues, and partners to ensure our strategy, roadmap and solutions meet your needs.


Phill Ridley, Senior Business Development, 1Spatial

Phill is taking the lead on a new sector in police and emergency services offering data quality solutions to support often life critical operations.


Laura Gribble, Data Consultant in Customer Insight Team, GeoPlace

Laura is responsible for understanding the needs of all GeoPlace customers and helping them use data across their organisations to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.