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Category: Training
Start: 26th May 2022
End: 27th May 2022
Location: Cambridge

Developing Client-Side Workflows with Geocortex Workflow teaches you how to configure pre-built, client-side activities with JavaScript expressions, values, and decision logic to build interactive, feature-rich forms for Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® applications.

Learning Objectives:

As a distributor for Geocortex in the UK and Ireland we are perfectly placed to help you:

  • Understand how business processes can be turned into simple, guided, end-user interactions
  • Use workflows in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS and in Geocortex Essentials viewers
  • Re-imagine the user experience with dynamic forms.

Course Contents:

  • Explain how workflows support the development of custom applications
  • Create Geocortex Workflow 5 (GW5) workflows
  • Create a Geocortex Workflow 5 (GW5) workflow
  • Display a FeatureSet in the viewer
  • Use workflow activity outputs in string expressions
  • Configure a basic Display Form activity
  • Develop interactive forms using event driven form elements
  • Use Geocortex Workflow 5 (GW5) activities to get data from Geocortex Essentials Manager.

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