Elyx 3D

Elyx 3D allows integration of three dimensional spatial data to support sustainable land management and the needs of Smart Cities.

Elyx 3D Viewer is available for free to read CityGML data and also any vector file or scene. Complete the form to download it.

Elyx 3D is a management tool for modelling land and the cities of the future. For example, applications such as town planning, land management, access and mobility, traffic control in conjunction with the reduction of CO2 emissions and noise, will increasingly make use of 3D data.

Elyx 3D enables 3D data to be stored, managed and shared in a single data warehouse, with direct access to a continuous GIS database.

Elyx 3D can be used to :

  • Manage 3D data
  • View, edit and navigate 3D data
  • Query, select and analyse spatial data
  • Add value to existing 2D/2.5D data
  • Exchange data from and to third-party applications
  • Create and view 3D models
  • Read and export many native data formats


  • Sustainable management of 3D data in a continuous 2D/3D GIS database, Oracle DBMS and/or PostGIS,
  • User-friendly 3D navigation
  • Openness and interoperability

More information

For more information about Elyx 3D or any of the other products within the Elyx Suite, please contact us.

Download Information


3D display highly depends on the graphic card and RAM size. We therefore recommend a graphic card of ATI type or preferably, NVIDIA (minimum 512M, recommended 1G), a (minimum) dual core processor and a minimum of 2 G RAM (recommended 4G). Attention, make sure that your computer is configured to use the dedicated graphics card (For more information see Installation Guide).

Elyx 3D Viewer, aimed at the reading of files, is only available in 64b release.

Install Elyx 3D

  • Execute the installation procedure setupElyx3d-1.4.1-x64.exe and follow the installation instructions. Check previously that you have right access to the directory where you will install. Warning from Windows 7, even if you be administrator of your computer, you will have access to program directories when running the program in administrator mode (Cf context menu “Run as administrator”).
  • Choose the language and click OK.
  • Click Next.
  • Specify the installation folder of the programme and the storage folder of the catalogue.
  • Click Next to start the installation.
  • The action Finish ends installation.
  • After installation you will be redirected to a page allowing you to download demo data. This page can also be recalled at any time from help menu of Elyx 3D.

Demo Data Installation

For more information on demo data installation, click here.

Download Elyx 3D

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