Rule Packs

Solve specific challenges with ready-to-use pre-defined data rules 

Our rule packs provide a core set of easily customisable, business specific rules that get you up and running quickly so you can start sooner and finish faster.

Each pack addresses a particular business challenge by validating, cleansing, transforming and enhancing data.

Rule packs can easily be deployed for 1Spatial products across cloud, web, desktop and mobile applications ensuring enterprise wide consistency and efficiency.

Our range of rule packs include:

  • Geometry – A comprehensive set of predefined geometry rules to ensure that any spatial dataset contains valid geometries.
  • Positional Improvement Shifting – Automatically shift data to keep it aligned with base data which has been positionally updated. This compares old and new base data to calculate the shifts required and applies the shifts to the data while maintaining data connectivity.
  • Address Matching – Improve address data quality by matching incomplete address data with gold standard address databases to ensure consistency.
  • Road Conflation (HERE) – Improve road network data by enhancing an existing network using HERE data.
  • Sewer Inference (GB) – Automatically improve your understanding of your assets, network length and client connectivity by inferring missing sewer assets. Uses the existing network, base mapping and other data to accurately estimate the missing parts of the network to generate properly structured and connected inferred assets

A rules-based approach to data management and maintenance ensures enterprise-wide consistency and efficiency. Automating traditionally time-consuming and labour-intensive processes saves both time and money.

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