On-demand Webinar: Facility Management

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Facility Management

During this video, we will be demonstrating how the 1Spatial commercial off the shelf tools can help with managing facility spatial and non-spatial data across the enterprise.

Traditionally, facility data has been created using CAD software and managed through database systems like ARCHIBUS and asset management systems like IBM’s TRIRIGA and Maximo.  However, Facility Managers have been wanting to have better visualization software, indoor navigation and have the ability to perform geospatial analytics.  These high-end analytics and visualization tools can only be achieved by having a geographic information system or a GIS.  Without the proper tools, migrating facility data into a GIS can be a very tedious, expensive, and time-consuming manual project.  In order to have accurate analytical results the data needs to be at a certain level of quality.  Then once the data is migrated into a GIS system, the data needs to still be kept in sync with the CAD and asset management systems.

The 1Integrate tools can help make life easier by automating the migration and synchronization of your spatial and non-spatial systems.  The tools will also give you a status report of the quality of your data at any given point in time.

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