On-demand Webinar: Feature Extraction

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Feature Extraction

During this video, we will be demonstrating how 1Spatial’s commercial off the shelf tools can help with the cleaning and conflating of extracted features from Rasters, Imagery, and LIDAR datasets.

There are many excellent 3rd party feature extraction tools that can identify and extract vector features from raster imagery.  However, the extracted vector datasets should go through proper quality assurance and quality control and typically require a significant manual cleanup effort.  After data cleanup, there is additional work to integrate and conflate the newly collected data into an existing Geographic Information System or GIS.

We will demonstrate how 1Spatial’s 1Integrate can automate the workflows required when working with extracted feature data including:

  • Using the 1Integrate rules engine to validate the extracted features to determine non-conformances between extracted data and existing source data
  • Cleaning the data using generalization and smoothing algorithms
  • Integrating and Conflating the data into an existing GIS.

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