On-demand Webinar: Maritime Data Management

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Maritime Data Management

Learn how maritime agencies such as the US National Oceanic Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) are leveraging the 1Spatial Suite of tools to manage their ENC (Electronic Nautical Chart maritime) databases.

ENCs support all types of marine navigation within electronic charting systems including support of real-time navigation, collision and grounding avoidance needs of the mariner, and accommodating real-time tide and currents that are essential for large vessel navigation.

With the safety of mariners relying on highly precise accurate data, it is essential that the data is managed and maintained properly.  However, these vector databases are extremely large and complex and can be difficult to manage.  Each chart was originally designed for a particular scale, so when the charts are brought into one vector-based database, there are geometric errors, overlapping features, alignment issues, and attribution errors.  1Integrate and 1Generalise can be used to help with the management of these large complex databases.

Watch this video to learn how we can help you automate your existing, often manual processes, to ensure regulatory requirements and compliance are met while you benefit from improved data quality leading to efficiencies and significant cost savings across your organization.

Understand further how we can help you overcome your data challenges by automating:

  • Validation checks across a database of tens of millions of records without the typical performance hits other validation software runs into
  • Edge-match features across two charts that share a boundary and a scale band
  • Generalization between scale bands while maintaining the business rules of data (aka generalizing depth curves while not creating navigation hazards).

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