On-Demand Webinar: Providing an Efficient and Effective Gateway to Data Governance

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Providing an Efficient and Effective Gateway to Data Governance

Integrating data from multiple sources to create a statewide enterprise database can be challenging in the best of circumstances. Not only are there varying degrees of data quality and accuracy, but also numerous formats (both spatial and non-spatial) and schemas to be accounted for and meshed into the seamless base. Only 15% of organizations have confidence in the quality of external data supplied to them. State agencies are finding it challenging enough to establish partnerships with local jurisdictions, let alone enforcing quality standards for the data being provided.

This presentation will focus on implementations that have utilized the 1Integrate rules engine with the new 1Data Gateway to help organizations validate incoming data and streamline workflows through automation to clean and integrate data sources into their enterprise systems. By using the two products together, these organizations are helping their partners to easily understand where there are potential non-conformances in the data while providing valuable metrics on the overall health of the data over time.

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