GEONIS GIS Solutions

GEONIS is based on ArcGIS technology from Esri and offers customers solutions for professional processing and analysis of geographical information.

Data Management
GEONIS enables you to establish an enterprise-wide infrastructure and land-management system, offering you industry-specific solutions and tools you can use for all network documentation tasks.

Analysis and Planning
GEONIS gives you access to all necessary spatial information on infrastructure installations and resources. It makes it easier to continually benefit from enterprise processes, enabling you to be able to plan and calculate investments in an optimal way.

The integration of spatial data in existing organisational processes and systems provides new opportunities for infrastructure management. GEONIS has a high level of transparency and therefore enables the visualisation and intuitive presentation of all processes.

GEONIS supports your field teams by streamlining and making more efficient the work processes. Whether online or offline, GEONIS offers many different options to work crews, outage response, maintenance and/or mobile data collection teams.

Public Engagement
The accessibility of geo-data in web clients offers an attractive way to provide information to the public. GEONIS not only makes dynamic maps and reports available, but also provides access to the current digital data and therefore allows for an active participation of third-parties.

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