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The NG9-1-1 Validation-as-a Service is a user-friendly Cloud-based solution to help PSAPs in local counties and cities easily provision their NG9-1-1 data to the State or ESInet. Simply upload your data to the secure platform, and instantly validate it against 300+ NENA standards and State-specific requirements, in accordance with the NG9-1-1 GIS data model. Identify exactly where the data requires adjustment, immediately and accurately pinpoint issues and take action to address any problems quickly.

Spot errors, gaps and overlaps in 4 easy steps

Step One
Upload data Users can upload their data anytime, anywhere, from multiple sources and formats. Link
Step Two
Run validations The system validates the data against 300+ preconfigured NG9-1-1 business rules and standards. Link
Step Three
Review results Downloadable reports quickly highlight errors and ommissions. Link
Step Four
Correct and repeat Take action to rectify issues, or mark exceptions. Resubmit and validate as often as required. Link
Watch Video: How the Solution Works
Watch Video: How the Solution Works

"As tools like the 1Spatial tools come into play, it makes our jobs that much easier." 

Susan Miller - State Geospatial Information Officer - State of Georgia

Multiple categories

Includes 300+ data validations

Simply upload your data and instantly identify areas of non-conformance against 300+ categories, including • Essential geometry validations • Essential network validations • Boundary gap and overlap validations • NENA attributes, and • Cross-feature validations.





Meets Your Budget.

  • Get started immediately
  • User-friendly, secure web portal (SaaS)
  • Includes 300+ NG9-1-1 data validations (including MSAG/ALI synchronization and fishbone analysis)
  • Simple drag-and-drop upload interface
  • Multiple data formats supported
  • No specific GIS training required
  • Rapid processing – get results in seconds
  • Spatial and tabular reporting (validation results)
  • Supports evolving NENA i3 standards and recommendations
  • Progress dashboard and reports
  • Minimal configuration required – ready in less than 2 weeks
  • Ideal for PSAPs, cities and counties
Video case study (Enterprise version)

How 1Spatial helped the State of Minnesota with their NG9-1-1 Transition (10-Minute Watch)

The State of Minnesota is using the NG9-1-1 Enterprise Version

Sandi Stroud 9-1-1 Program Manager, State of Minnesota
Avoid gaps and overlaps Avoid overlaps and gaps in data that can result in incorrect call routing to PSAPs Link
Check address points Check address points against road centrelines using a fishbone analysis Link
Ensure compliance Ensure your data complies with NENA and State requirements Link
Get instant results Automated data validation against key requirements Link

Flag issues and make fixes instantly

  • Clearly demarcates gaps, overlaps, and incomplete data
  • Supports schema mapping of data into the new NENA Standard for the NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model
  • Exactly pinpoints data issues in a spatial report
  • Consistently measures progress over time as improvements are made
  • Enables continuous, secure, and consistent data updates
Quickly identify errors

Drill down to identify problems

Review, visualise and drill down into each non-conformance in finer detail, and make corrections if required.


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The States of Arizona, Georgia and Minnesota (Enterprise Solution)

“Everyone is looking for platforms, and tools and processes like 1Spatial that will allow us to share and translate data to support more of these (collaboration) efforts.”


How the Public Safety NG-1-1 Service works

  • Powered by a patented rules engine that checks data against preconfigured NENA i3 standards
  • Data suppliers can upload from multiple sources of data
  • Supports both spatial and non-spatial data
  • Rules are centrally managed so over time they evolve and contribute to an ever-growing database of standards
  • 100% automated data validation, integration enhancement, and collaboration
  • Data suppliers can securely access and upload their data from anywhere

NG911 Workflow

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Advanced Analysis

Use Fishbone Analysis

Fix problems between address points and road centerlines using Fishbone analysis.


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Track performance

Easily track performance and progress of data submissions with dashboard views and downloadable reports.


Ensure compliance with the NENA NG9-1-1 GIS data model

The NG9-1-1 Public Safety Solution validates data against 300+ categories, including the following:

Essential geometry validationsEssential network validationsBoundary gap and overlap validationsNENA attribute validation checks (including domain checks)Cross-feature validations (including Fishbone and MSAG/ALI validations)

How 1Spatial's VaaS solution is different:

  • Immediate deployment: Unlike custom solutions, 1Spatial's VaaS is available in the Cloud  for immediate use.
  • NENA compliance: The 1Spatial Public Safety NG9-1-1 Solution has NENA standards pre-configured.
  • Scalability and processing speed: Our technology can handle large volumes of data, from multiple data suppliers, without placing undue demands on internal storage and processing capabilities.
  • Track record: 1Spatial's Public Safety NG9-1-1 Solution is already being used by 8 states and Los Angeles County.
  • Ongoing support: Our solution supports the continual evolution of NENA standards as well as additional requirements that may arise in future.

Interested in the Enterprise version?

The SaaS solution is only available to counties and cities. If you are a State organization, please view our cross-jurisdiction (statewide) data validation solution.

Enteprise solution

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