Watch now: Meeting the Geospatial Data Challenges of a New Era

Meeting the Geospatial Data Challenges of a New Era

Meeting the data requirements of new/changing government regulations, such as NextGen911, Parcel Management, Geo-Enabled Elections, & Emergency Management can prove quite challenging, often requiring many hours of manual data manipulation to deal with misalignment, topological errors, and errors in attribution.

Critical layers such as address points, pipelines, road centerlines, and boundaries (e.g. Parcels, PSAPS) as well as CAD (Computer Aided Design) data can prove especially difficult with misalignments, improper attribution and the need for change detection between vintages.

This webinar will cover how local and state governments such as Maryland and LA County are leveraging 1Integrate to validate and integrate data sources coming from local jurisdictions or other departments.

Learn about the 1Integrate technology underpinning the validation application and how to get your data fit for use using the 1Integrate application.  Also, learn how organizations such as the US Census, State of Nebraska, Arizona Department of Transportation and many other public and private organizations are successfully meeting many of these same challenges by implementing a rules-based approach to deliver enterprise-scale, cross-platform, automation to all stages of the data lifecycle.

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