Version 4.1.1 PDF


MSINT-5865 Improvements to the files on disk feature when Postgres is being used as the repository, to prevent data loss under load.

Bug Fixes


Version 4.1.0 PDF


MSINT-1733 Web Browser Sessions will Timeout after 30 mins for security reasons
MSINT-1809 Measure Built-In Functions will throw an error when passed a non-measured geometry
MSINT-3451 New Session Task Templates allow sets of tasks to be defined once and used in multiple sessions
MSINT-3875 New Open Data Task Extent Override option: Single Predefined Region
MSINT-4816 Restore error messages appear in snackbar
MSINT-4941 API documentation improved to clarify different types of reports in an action
MSINT-5010 Long running tasks such as deleting many entities present a 'busy' indication
MSINT-5076 Deprecated SOAP API removed
MSINT-5146 Inline docs for operations and functions improved
MSINT-5168 Ability to add a task at a selected point in a Session
MSINT-5172 Deprecated Metadata Store removed
MSINT-5177 Map Viewer: Reported geometries now appear on the Layers list
MSINT-5180 Non-Spatial Filters: Use underscores to replace spaces in Class and Attribute names
MSINT-5281 Improved error message when deleting entities that are in use
MSINT-5285 Collapse all / expand all Data Store Classes
MSINT-5306 Implemented visual indicator for Cut objects in the navigation pane
MSINT-5318 Added support for writing to MapInfo MIF/MID file format via the MapInfo TAB Data Store
MSINT-5327 Enable/Disable all button on Data Stores now only applies to the visible Classes
MSINT-5389 Update API key REST API to validate key name uniqueness
MSINT-5505 Session task tooltips to show the task type and name
MSINT-5524 Security: Prevention of HTML Content Injection throughout the UI
MSINT-5525 Security: Improved Input Validation
MSINT-5565 Apply Action Map Task: Option to always report on the Rule nonconformances
MSINT-5587 GeoJSON Data Store: New parameter for reading all geometries as 2D
MSINT-5631 New Cast option added to Rules and Actions to allow selection of attributes from a specific class
MSINT-5643 Heighted geometries are heighted on the map
MSINT-5686 Rule node previews are more legible
MSINT-5707 DSV Data Store: Added Integer support
MSINT-5720 Prevent soft-closing by clicking outside of dialogs

Bug Fixes

MSINT-2305 Scale_and_rotate can cause exceptions which stop the session
MSINT-3400 Session Failover can result in "Duplicate Key Value Violates Unique Constraint" Database Error
MSINT-3775 Schema Transform DerivedAttributeMapping should handle null entries
MSINT-3806 ends_of builtin incorrectly checks for coincident ends of target line
MSINT-4655 Data Transformation errors when using a database for schema mapping and some mappings are null
MSINT-4809 Backup mechanism should include folder metadata
MSINT-5107 Only allow supported Data Stores to be selected for a Commit task
MSINT-5158 Improve the error message for a missing “Copy To” Mapping
MSINT-5213 Long comment on Session task is overlapping with edit and delete icons
MSINT-5220 When using drag and drop in a Session the user is not warned about dependencies
MSINT-5271 No Data Available info display for Download Commit Destination Files
MSINT-5276 Stop expression parsing being logged in log files
MSINT-5345 Don't allow API Keys to be generated with unknown Permissions
MSINT-5352 Deleting an empty folder throws error messages
MSINT-5420 Null Pointer Exception when syncing 1Integrate from a local checkout folder
MSINT-5437 Used item can be deleted from the navigation pane
MSINT-5440 Unable to interact with Session controls after an error in the Session
MSINT-5452 Attempting to download a file from Copy To config when the credentials have not been set creates an error that fills the screen
MSINT-5464 Running a non-spatial filter against a Data Store containing tables with two spaces in the class name will not filter anything
MSINT-5507 Adding a parameter to a new template shows "Name in use"
MSINT-5520 Rule/Action Templates do not show the correct Classes and Names when first added to a new Rule/Action
MSINT-5528 Unable to set engine labels on Linux via the start script
MSINT-5597 Can't rename Sessions with Rule folder reference
MSINT-5606 File data created by a Copy To task not always deleted.
MSINT-5607 Built-in Functions with at least 2 optional parameters can be configured with unlimited parameters
MSINT-5616 Task Report has Incorrect count on download results
MSINT-5630 Error when trying to rename Rule or Action that uses a Template
MSINT-5633 Unable to copy multiple selected Actions, Sessions and Rules
MSINT-5634 Add UI for displaying items included in a multiselect
MSINT-5635 Improved shift select behaviour in the resource tree
MSINT-5636 Blinking Text Cursor Jumps to End in Right-Hand Menu Text String Box
MSINT-5637 Classes with no Attributes stop “Copy To” schema from refreshing
MSINT-5638 FGDB Classes containing attributes with no name are not being read in
MSINT-5684 The previews for Difference show the values the wrong way round
MSINT-5699 FME Server Data Store: Handle unexpected folders
MSINT-5712 No 1Integrate logs produced under WebLogic
MSINT-5744 Test Connection EJBException shows full stack instead of friendly message

Version 4.0.1 PDF


MSINT-4539 Map Viewer: Allow 3D map pitch angle to be > 60 degrees
MSINT-5123 Map Viewer: Increase the maximum zoom level

Bug Fixes

MSINT-5383 1Integrate with cache sharing enabled on the cloud leaks gothic data roots
MSINT-5401 Unable to run an Action that uses a timestamp data type static value after first starting the engine

Version 4.0.0 PDF




Data Store schema refresh should retain added classes or ontology mappings.


Report created, modified and deleted counts on Commit Task.


Differentiate between Global, Local and Task scope temporary values.


Remove 1Validate sessions folder


Improve handling of unique keys in the Data Store page


Support H2 for repo, simplifying local/non-production deployments


Error Catcher value to deal with exceptions/errors (Try...Catch)


Remove GDAL-based PostGIS and FME-based SQL Server Data Stores


Remove the deprecated Gridstatistics endpoint


Add a new parameter for adjusting the threshold for heavily compressed archives (zip bombs)


Ability to use Temporary Values in Rules


PostgreSQL/PostGIS Data Store - objects with a UUID are failing to commit


Validation Service: Combine point spatial hotpots into multipoint geometries in the validation report per non-conformance


Split the Session Results REST endpoint into a separate endpoint


Don't extract required 1Integrate libraries to the temp directory


Record Rule and Action Replays for debugging


Non Spatial Filter on CheckRules, ApplyActions, and ApplyActionMaps Tasks


Built-in Function to calculate convex hull of all data in the named Classes


Option to retain the attribute order (GDAL-based Data Stores)


Brand-new User Interface


New future-proof Map Viewer


Additional descriptions for REST API Swagger documentation


Withdraw the Legacy Backup endpoints


New User Permissions


Validate Schema Task - allow reference schema excess classes


Add “OGC” to "Web Feature Service (WFS)" Data Store name


Include the product version in REST API


Improve error message when Schema Only Data Store is committed to


JDBC-based Data Stores: Auto-index attributes on read


Remove GDAL PostGIS libraries as Data Store is now withdrawn


Update Swagger docs to include API keys as a means of authentication


Transform Schema Task : allow source schema excess classes


GDAL-based Data Stores: Copy To Tasks should retain attribute field length and precision


Revert MSINT-3951 (Classes set via REST with no attributes should be considered disabled)


With "Production Mode" enabled on a Session, skip the pre-session validation checks


Allow Objects, Nested Values and Array elements to be used in Assignment Operations


Remove the Partitions Status Map


Rename Data Store parameter to "Fix ring direction"


Update Data Store WKT converter to be able to handle polygons of a single point


File Geodatabase Data Store should retain Field Aliases


Remove the MySQL Data Store


Dark UI Theme


Download data files directly from a Session


New admin dashboard


New look documentation (WebHelp)


Ability to add and edit Session Parameters in the UI


New Fixed Schema options on Data Stores


Add Generic ‘For Loop’


Add Execute and return / Execute and check


True and False predicates


Multi-select Data Stores for Rule and Action Context


Rule and Action Context should persist


New API endpoints for managing folders


New API endpoints for moving all resource types


Session reports downloaded from the UI now JSON, no longer XML


Map Viewer styles stored in the browser cache


Per-page Search/Filter for items in the tree


Ability to hide unselected Classes and Attributes on a Data Store


Ability to bookmark entities


Deprecate Metadata Data Store support


Withdraw the home page

  Withdraw Rule Discovery

Bug Fixes



Trailing Spaces in Temporary Values cause issues


REST API returns EntityRef member in RulesTask


Session timings reset to zero after exceeding 24 hours


Backup creates a folder if a Rule has a backslash (\)


Open Schema Task should be sufficient to allow Copy-To to a Data Store


NPE Message for Missing FME Server Datastore Input Parameters


JDBC Data Stores: Can't use spatial filter when PostGIS and 1Integrate repo both in non-public PostgreSQL schemas


FGDB unpredictable behaviour on open data when null geometries are present


FME Server Data Store: Unable to read any integer attributes for classes written using the licenced Esri FGDB writer


Non Spatial Filter throws parsing errors when 'contains' function is followed by other open brackets

MSINT-3787 Esri File Geodatabase file format data dates changing on read

Version 3.4.1 PDF



MSINT-4023 Check Rules task non-conformance reports do not include any hotspots for non-spatial checks (that contain more than one attribute)
MSINT-4057 Update Java Support - latest point release
MSINT-4075 FME Server Data Store - Allow files that aren't zips to be uploaded
MSINT-4072 Ability to configure the Wildfly transaction timeout
MSINT-4090 Improve performance extracting DEFLATE_64 compressed zip files
MSINT-4111 FGDB Failed to load GDAL dataset - when zip contains more than .gdb
MSINT-4138 Non-spatial filter: Update per-class filter with no classes to match all classes
MSINT-4140 Update the 1Integrate REST API to update the display name for uploaded files when a new file is uploaded
MSINT-4165 Update the WildFly bundle to WildFly 26.1.2.Final
MSINT-4259 Do not include the format "f" parameter when making WFS calls
MSINT-4265 Files On Disk: Update the cleanup of temporary data store files created to support REST API data store file downloads to happen after download rather than after server shut down
MSINT-4274 Allow the page/batch size of the non-conformance report data store to be configurable and increase the default page/batch size

Bug Fixes


MSINT-3943 Ensure consistent handling of the CRS across all Data Stores
MSINT-4015 FME Server Data Store: FGDB OBJECTID column read in as null
MSINT-4044 FME Server Data Store - Parameters with quote disappear from GUI
MSINT-4054 Non-Conformance Report Data Store - java.lang.NullPointerException when task appears in session before future check rules tasks
MSINT-4055 1Int 3.4 Online help link points to 1Int 3.3 page
MSINT-4059 1Integrate 3.4 not installing as a Windows Service - configuration does not exist: standalone.xml
MSINT-4068 FME Server Data Store: 1Integrate\TEMP directory not cleared for deleted/stopped sessions
MSINT-4082 FME Server Data Store - 1DGW uploaded file gets renamed to the name as defined in the 1INT Master Session not the cloned session.
MSINT-4093 GeoJSON Data Store default to WGS84 when CRS not specified
MSINT-4121 Engine log file has the wrong name
MSINT-4217 FME Server Data Store - REST API should not automatically unzip uploaded data
MSINT-4275 Non-conformance Data Store not freeing memory used by parsed object reports

Version 3.4.0 PDF




New FME Server Data Store


Allow a Session's Open Data Task Extent Override to be 'Extent of Previous' even when a session is restricted by a polygon


Introduce Access Groups for folder level permissions


Esri File Geodatabase Data Store domain resolution


Esri ArcGIS Server Data Store - fix ring direction parameter


New GeoJSON Data Store


New Non-Conformance Report Data Store


Compile 1Integrate with Java 11


Add missing file options to GDAL-based Data Stores


Use session parameter to filter predefined region


New GML Data Store (read-only)


Exclude folders from being synched


Find Kickbacks Built-in does not handle null geometry


Tag log messages with the user ID


Update GDAL to 3.5


Avoid relying on the PostGIS column definition to determine geometry dimensionality


REST API: Add endpoints to download Data Store source file


Non-Spatial Filter casting issue - handling numbers vs. strings


Remove sync button from the Synchronisation Tool


Update Ignite to 2.13


Non-spatial filter with a Class name that is also a function name doesn’t parse correctly


Zip full restore doesn't update metadata only changes


Wildfly Packaging


Remove 'Powered By' header from the WildFly bundle


Add an endpoint to 1Integrate to get the license time remaining for monitoring license expiry


Cannot write classes with special characters out to DSV


Classes set via REST with no attributes should be considered disabled


DSV Data Store: Make the nominated geometry column(s) optional

MSINT-3965 MapInfo TAB Data Store: Correctly read MapInfo Booleans (T and F)

Bug Fixes



DSV Data Store loads WKT Heighted features as 2D


Open Data and Schema Task Class Selection Validation: unexpected exception cause by references to excluded Classes


Shapefile datastore reads 0 timestamp as 0002-11-29 23:29:40.000


Failed Backup: java.io.IOException - two trailing spaces


Geopackage Boolean Data Type being populated as Integer

MSINT-3966 MapInfo TAB Data Store: null strings read in as empty strings

Version 3.3.1 PDF


MSINT-3376 Update WildFly bundle to WildFly 26.1.1
MSINT-3752 Validate Schema Task: Inclusion of Data Store paths in the report to be configurable through new checkbox which defaults to off
MSINT-3768 Latest Java Support

Bug Fixes

MSINT-3765 Validate Schema Task: Flip Missing & Excess and rename Target to Reference
MSINT-3762 "datastorePath" attribute incorrectly appears in Validate Schema Task report

Version 3.3.0 PDF


MSINT-3561 Support Azure Active Directory credentials for SQL Server Repository
MSINT-3488 Improve support for OAuth 2.0 in WFS Data Store
MSINT-3166 Add a Schema Transformation Task
MSINT-3062 Add Schema Enquiry built-in functions
MSINT-2922 Add a Validate Schema Task
MSINT-1565 Non-Spatial Filter (like a WHERE clause) when opening data, using session parameters in the filter
MSINT-3629 Add a Schema Only datastore
MSINT-3607 Open Data and Open Schema tasks should ignore attribute metadata differences such as field length and precision
MSINT-3515 Latest Java support
MSINT-3506 Helm: Custom extensions available by allowing a custom image to be used in place of our official images
MSINT-3486 Add a Built-in function to get an object's Data Store
MSINT-3469 List the Null attributes on the Session Data Viewer attribute panel
MSINT-3459 REST API: Ability to update just the extent of a session without providing whole session payload
MSINT-3428 Add a Built-in function to make HTTP calls during a session
MSINT-3426 Add descriptions for all REST calls to the REST API docs
MSINT-3312 Add coordinate reference system information to validation report
MSINT-3071 Enable Commit on file datastores for FGDB and GeoPackage
MSINT-3055 Update Split_geometry Built-in to support 2D inputs
MSINT-1447 Add a Built-in to compare attributes
MSINT-3609 WildFly: Compress log files on rotation

Bug Fixes

MSINT-3728 Accurately detect SQL Server dimensionality to better support mixed dimensionality data
MSINT-3651 PostgreSQL Data Store: Disable Auto-commit when reading data to reduce memory footprint
MSINT-3737 PostGIS write errors not updating pre-class error count
MSINT-3627 Make schema handling case sensitive to ensure reading from the expected schema for all formats
MSINT-3718 XYM data written out to SQL Server becomes XYZ data
MSINT-3710 JDBC based MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL: SRS ignored during write
MSINT-3709 JDBC based MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL: Manually specified SRS value always ignored
MSINT-3666 JDBC based MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL: Fix the quoting in the geometry column description query for SQL Server
MSINT-3665 Options cog hidden if Engine host name is long
MSINT-3652 Engines interrupted when waiting on a lock to process a session will infinite loop and fill up the logs
MSINT-3634 Sync Tool cannot handle backups with long pathnames on Windows
MSINT-3628 Session Data Viewer legend does not include target classes from load schema tasks
MSINT-3626 Attempting to rewind a Session without a running engine results in a stuck Session
MSINT-3625 Fix style upload button within the Session Data Viewer
MSINT-3600 New Backup mechanism doesn't include shortcuts in use which leads to unrestorable backups
MSINT-3589 Open Schema task should not try to connect to the Data Store
MSINT-3575 Fix SQL Server timestamp handling (milliseconds)
MSINT-3564 Unable to use AzureAD authentication via the JDBC based SQL Server data store while 1Integrate is installed as a Windows service
MSINT-3559 Cloning items as shortcuts gets a 'Copy of' prefix instead of 'Shortcut to'
MSINT-3558 Iterating over all:geometric includes non-geometric Classes such as singleton
MSINT-3548 JDBC datastore large memory overhead during write due to only flushing after each Class was written out
MSINT-3522 GDAL FGDB reading in Bezier curves as multipart geometries
MSINT-3502 Legacy hotspot information missing from reports
MSINT-3484 Sync Tool error on empty repo: IOException: Archive contains entries that point outside of the archive directory
MSINT-3444 Open Data Task doesn't take excluded classes into account when building the Schema for rule validation
MSINT-3431 File Upload does not recognise upper case file extensions
MSINT-3180 Session Data Viewer does not display dates
MSINT-3738 SQL Server format unable to write out null values for date, float and string types
MSINT-3740 Session error if disabled open schema task precedes a Commit Task
MSINT-3708 Many Data Stores do not set unit_length which is used in setting the tolerance

Version 3.2.0 PDF


MSINT-3485 Support tab delimiters in DSV data store
MSINT-3345 Role-based REST API Access now consistent with user interface
MSINT-3279 New API keys option for managing access to REST API
MSINT-3202 Add an Open Schema task to only create schema but load no data
MSINT-3042 Empty recycle bin button should delete all deletable items when some can't be deleted
MSINT-2832 Drop deprecated FME datastore shape format
MSINT-2534 Allow an engine to be marked for shut down (so that no new jobs are queued)
MSINT-2236 Support Java 11
MSINT-1528 New Centroid built-in function
MSINT-683 Add monitoring role (read-only access to session results and grid statistics)

Bug Fixes

MSINT-3505 DSV Datastore - Unable to read UTF-8 BOM encoded files
MSINT-3458 Enable both Repository and Data Store to use Integrated Security
MSINT-3456 Sync tool not setting the content-type header
MSINT-3416 M values are being changed when build topology task is run
MSINT-3193 Measures (M Values) don't exist after Build Topology
MSINT-3134 DSV Datastore fails load trailing commas in heading

Version 3.1.1 PDF


MSINT-3433 Add X,Y,Z or X,Y,M option on as-standard DSV data store
MSINT-3420 Add X,Y,Z or X,Y,M option on as-standard FGDB data store
MSINT-3402 Update the folder REST endpoint to include the full path to each entry

As-standard Data store support via JDBC connections for

  • MySQL/Maria DB

  • Postgres/PostGIS

  • Microsoft SQL Server

MSINT-3028 GeoPackage as-standard Data store support

Microsoft Access as-standard Data store support

MSINT-3120 New DSV Data Store parameter to optionally include line numbers as a feature attribute
MSINT-2915 FGDB write (copy-to) for as-standard Data store
MSINT-3132 Deprecate legacy PostGIS and Microsoft SQL Server formats
MSINT-3128 Deprecate legacy FME Shapefile format
MSINT-2936 Add a Kubernetes mode to 1Integrate
MSINT-3048 Add dynamic engines for Kubernetes deployments
MSINT-3171 New easier deployment for custom built-in functions and custom Data Stores
MSINT-3164 Modernise password encryption
MSINT-2721 Signed 1Integrate EAR files for added security
MSINT-3067 Session Data Viewer Enhancements
MSINT-3237 The Parts of Solid and multihedral surface geometries can iterated over in a rule or action
MSINT-1523 New Built-in Function - Split String
MSINT-501 Buffer build-in can take a negative buffer size to shrink polygons.
MSINT-2803 New Built-in function - rule_hotspot_attribute_names
MSINT-3227 New "Folders" REST endpoint for folder management
MSINT-3263 Add useRecycleBin query parameter on REST API delete calls
MSINT-3184 Latest Java 8 update
MSINT-3136 Update to WildFly 24
MSINT-3135 Update to GDAL 3.3
MSINT-3382 Out-of-date Version (jQuery)

Bug Fixes

MSINT-3422 MySQL and MariaDB do not need to offer Z or M or 3D options
MSINT-3437 session_has_class not finding classes when run from singleton class
MSINT-3051 DSV Data Store save where import mapping has an integer attribute causes Null Pointer Exception
MSINT-3443 1Integrate logs contain an error every time an uncompressed file is uploaded to a data store
MSINT-3421 REST API Encrypted passwords returned by the REST api are scrambled when Data Store re-uploaded
MSINT-1990 Reduce the false positives or errors or warnings in Wildfly logs
MSINT-1966 Esri FileGDB as-standard data store treats null values as 0
MSINT-2966 douglas_peucker built-in now tries to generate a valid geometry rather than erroring when simplification would result in an invalid geometry.
MSINT-779 ALREADYLOCKED: Another process has already locked this file. Error can happen when running sessions after opening Data Viewer
MSINT-3267 DSV Datastore: Null geometries cause write errors
MSINT-3230 JSON restore / sync tool does not set user and timestamp metadata
MSINT-3229 Connection failure after restoring JSON backup for GDAL data store
MSINT-3204 All Geometric superclass included non-geometric classes
MSINT-3168 Additional attributes in DSV datastore are not mapped correctly in the output mapping
MSINT-3108 DSV Datastore throws OpenData Session Task error if Properties file "countTotalObjects=True"
MSINT-3099 Uploaded files not being deleted when load complete, causing disk space to grow
MSINT-3096 00036330: Rule discovery does not run
MSINT-3115 Session Data Viewer: Unable to rotate and zoom at the same time
MSINT-3082 Session Data Viewer: Erratic zoom behaviour in 3D mode after rotating the camera
MSINT-3063 Session Data Viewer: Handle selecting unrun tasks more gracefully
MSINT-3018 Session Data Viewer: Only show z values in Fly to Coordinates box when in in 3D mode
MSINT-1917 Session Data Viewer not displaying all layers
MSINT-2802 Datastore parameters containing XML special characters cause session run failures
MSINT-2693 1Integrate session validation should not check tasks that have already run
MSINT-2490 Restrict to Extent of Opened Data doesn't work with geometries that have M values
MSINT-2450 Report summary conformance graphs in cache viewer display the incorrect number for conforming objects
MSINT-2447 Commit task back to ESRI Enterprise GDB failing to commit all features
MSINT-2309 offset built-in has typo "bea" in description
MSINT-3310 Regression: Unable to upload ontology through the UI
MSINT-3307 Admin page repository backup can fail in certain conditions

Version 3.0.1 PDF



Bug Fixes

MSINT-3143 Sync Tool ‘Force Update Filesystem’ error if folder names don’t match across entity types
MSINT-2629 Action Map with Filter Rule shows incorrect summary count
MSINT-3130 Renamed entities cause errors when synching or restoring backups
MSINT-3060 When a restore is blocked by a referenced entity being deleted, list the items blocking it
MSINT-2035 When loading by extent of previously loaded data, use the convex hull of the data rather than the MBR.

Version 3.0.0 PDF



Support Full 3D data as a licensed option:

  • Oracle Data Store: full support for read and write of Full 3D geometries

  • Beta support for read and write of full 3D geometries via: PostGIS, SQL Server, Esri File GDB and Enterprise GDB, Shapefile, Tab file, DWG/DXF, DGN

  • Full 3D support for existing built-ins such as union, difference, intersection, dimension, boundary, count_parts, is_valid etc.

  • New 3D built-in functions: count_surfaces, extrude, outer_shell, solid, volume,

  • Full 3D support for most spatial operators

GL3D-1087 New built-in function change_dimension
GL3D-446 New built-in function get_geometry_as_WKT
GL3D-1130 Is_valid takes tolerance as a parameter
GL3D-1087 Built-in functions to report the locations and descriptions of invalidities within a geometry: report_invalid, report_invalid_get_geometry, report_invalid_get_description

Bug Fixes

MSINT-3065 Engine can crash when using nearest N objects functionality
MSINT-2883 SQL Server Datastore does not report the Z value when Reporting on geometry with Z enabled
MSINT-1210 Report XML should include heights when reporting heighted geometries.
MSINT-3049 Cannot commit to a PostgreSQL table with a foreign key constraint enabled
MSINT-3085 Parallel heavy use of Session Map Viewer can cause interface crashes

Version 2.10.0 PDF


MSINT-2842 New and improved 1Integrate Session Data Viewer
MSINT-2201 New Standard Superclasses for rule/action writing
MSINT-1185 Support creation of Metadatastores via REST API
MSINT-2609 Support creation of shortcuts via REST API
MSINT-2715 New built-in function split_geometry
MSINT-2716 New built-in polygons_from_lines
MSINT-2717 New Collection Element value to handle "Array, collection or geometry element"
MSINT-1091 Allow finding of nearest n objects
MSINT-2919 Improve ArcGIS Feature server datastore's error handling - catch non-successful status codes early
MSINT-2925 Support Oracle Linux 7.9
MSINT-2926 Support latest Wildfly 23.x
MSINT-3010 Add UK Patent number to 1Integrate footer

Bug Fixes

MSINT-3040 Unable to read WFS with data format defined using lower case geojson.
MSINT-1269 00022194 GDAL Data Store type doesn't offer 'Fix ring direction and inclusion errors' option.
MSINT-2497 Uploading a file through the REST API does not update the upload credential
MSINT-2886 Shortcuts in restored backups not detecting clashing existing element/name
MSINT-2969 DSV Datastore reads invalid geometries regardless of Allow Invalid flag
MSINT-2981 REST API and UI backup doesn't include all parameters
MSINT-2982 DSV WKT polygon ring direction not being handled correctly.
MSINT-2991 New Repo Sync Tool returns blank error message when synching from an old-style filesystem structure.
MSINT-3007 00036010: Regression: gdal_datetime parsing issue in FGDB date types from 1Int 2.8.1 “Unparseable date: "2018/09/07 00:00:0"
MSINT-3026 Unable to backup shortcuts
MSINT-2960 NullPointerException when writing to ArcGIS feature layer that doesn't exist
MSINT-3006 Unable to clone datastore with multiple file uploads

Version 2.9.0 PDF


MSINT-2823 When running multiple actions in a task, run all features through each action (in UI order), rather than individual features through all actions
MSINT-2198 Enable simple configuration of Wildfly logging levels in config file
MSINT-2237 Support WebLogic Server 14.1.1
MSINT-2546 Native Delimited Separated Values datastore (CSV) that supports geometry
MSINT-2695 Ability to set and retrieve session parameters via REST API
MSINT-2687 New session parameter value in Rules and Actions to access session parameters
MSINT-2690 Ability to generate a Placekey for a location or address
MSINT-2703 Backup/Restore improvement and new repository synchronisation tool

Make 1Integrate docker images available (contact customer support)

MSINT-2877 Update admin page to new style
MSINT-2910 Full repository backup/restore from admin page
MSINT-2932 Update grid statistics endpoint to include hostname details

Bug Fixes



SQL Server Integrated Security has a missing a file in v2.8.1


ArcGIS Feature Service data store writes null for multipart polygons read in from other formats.


Datastore parameters containing XML special characters cause session run failures


ArcGIS/AGOL Feature Service Data store not recognising some layers as spatial


Recycle Bin records Radius Studio as the user who created the folder

MSINT-2900 WFS datastore should attempt retry for schema fetch calls not just data fetch

Version 2.8.1 PDF




Introduce a system warning when approaching licence expiration date


Allow users to choose between XYZ or XYM for XYZM data via SQL Server Data Store


Configure security settings via settings.properties


New API call to get the number of engines, their availability and the queued jobs


Show which tasks were disabled in the Cache Viewer session tasks tab.


WFS data store: New OGC Web Feature Service data store supporting GeoJSON and OAuth.


Clone an entity via REST API


Remove PostGIS FME datastore (PostGIS support is now only via inbuilt PostGIS data store)


Support PostgreSQL 12.4 and PostGIS 12.4


Java version Support: Oracle Java 8 update 281 with WebLogic

MSINT-2653 Java version Support: AdoptOpenJDK 8 update 282 with included WildFly

Bug Fixes



Unable to run a session with special characters in datastore password


copy_attributes builtin not locating class attributes when specifying attributes to exclude


The error details text on the Licence validation error page is almost invisible


Actions or rules referencing All Classes fails with UNKNOWN CLASS if run before any Open Data tasks


00032528: Unable to backup Session with no classes selected in open data task


REST API doesn't return correct state for a partitioned session


Don't show the FME datastores if the environment's FME build number is below the minimum supported version


Do not load 1Spatial news on the landing page


CAD datastore unable to change attribute type mapping


Opening non-spatial File Geodatabase data using the inbuilt GDAL Data Store in a session with an extent restriction causes the engine to crash.


1Integrate ignores the temp.directory setting


Copying a file based datastore does not copy the uploaded file


1Integrate REST API doesn't support CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) requests


Installation guide update to clarify SQL Server repository user creation


Large files between 500Mb and 1Gb fail upload to a data store when using a PostgreSQL repository.


ArcGIS Feature Service Data Store does not handle incorrect polygon ring direction


1Integrate status is incorrectly set to warning even with supported SQL server version


Datastore input mapping attribute indexes are unset on upgrade to 1Integrate v2.8.0 (workaround if already upgraded is to download and re-upload the data store through the UI or API).


REST API - Data store GET request is not returning the correct value for whether input mapping attributes are set to "report"

MSINT-2739 ArcGIS Server Service that does not expose layer types can't be spatially filtered

Version 2.8.0 PDF




New “Singleton” system class (sys:singleton) for performing action or rule logic exactly once


Support for Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 64 bit Redistributable


Support for Oracle databases that have no locator or spatial module installed


Ability to temporarily disable a task within a session


Support for MS SQL Server 2019


Support for deploying 1Integrate as a service on WildFly, on Windows only. See installation guide for details.


New "session" scoped temporary value, and renaming of existing “local” and “global” scope to “object” “task” respectively within the UI (API functionality is unchanged)


Esri Feature Service Data Store: Authentication via Portal

MSINT-2481, MSINT-1569

Scripts and documentation for installing 1Integrate as a service on WildFly, on Windows.


Ability to override the session extent for an open data task, to open all data.


Latest Java patch support


Esri Feature Service Datastore: Related Non Spatial Objects

- Support for Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.8

Bug Fixes



Error message “unexpected geometry type: 12” when dealing with multisurface feature


Accented characters corrupted in xml backups


Cache viewer not always finding the feature for a non-conformance, when stepping through non-conformance report


Unable to dismiss large error pop-ups

MSINT-2515 The order object reports are retrieved from the database is not always the same order with which they were inserted

Version 2.7.1 PDF




Improved information if data store is unavailable (e.g. FME is disabled or custom data store removed)

MSINT-2389 Support AdoptOpenJDK 8 update 265

Bug Fixes



Unable to load FME PostGIS data store after loading cache viewer


Error message persists when encountering an upload/restore error


Correction to XOR condition description in UI


“Hide stack traces” mode causes repeated error messages


Indexing appears checked at class level when attributes are un-checked


Features failing to write out to Shape via GDAL


APIs not reporting correct indexing state of primary geometry attribute

MSINT-2440 Unable to deselect base classes within Inheritance based schemas

Version 2.7.0 PDF




Toggle all Indexes On/Off within datastore input mapping


Ability to include a custom banner on the login page


Support role-based authorisation when deployed to WebLogic

MSINT-2007, MSINT-2283, MSINT-2304, MSINT-2322

Upgrade to WildFly version 20

MSINT-2087, MSINT-2158, MSINT-2256

Users can add custom names to tasks within a session, for improved readability

MSINT-2113, MSINT-2139 MSINT-2140, MSINT-2144

New datastore: Allow read and write to Esri ArcGIS server feature services


Support Java 8 update 251


Support Windows Server 2019


Support AdoptOpenJDK 8 update 252


Only available datastore types are listed (dependent on FME integration)

MSINT-2203 Reduce verbose error logs

Bug Fixes



Error in UI when running a session with a multi-polygon extent


Validation Report ignores descriptions of rules when running a folder


Action Map output message corrected (from "fixed" to "applied")


Unable to write out file based datastores via FME


Action Map does not return detailed counts in REST API


Ensure the GDAL writer can write classes that contain a colon

MSINT-2176, MSINT-2181

Risk of data loss when writing shape files through GDAL


GDAL datastore unable to write out points and multipoints in the same layer


Cache viewer broken in IE 11


Broken feature selection in the cache viewer


Inconsistent session results via REST API


Failing WMS request parsing


Broken XML report download button on the Rule Conformance Results page


Session stuck on polygon WKT open data restriction

MSINT-2347 When hiding stack traces, errors for sessions not currently selected are lost

Version 2.6.2 PDF



Bug Fixes



OGC simple built-in function can stop session with 'Error in nesting of rings in polygon' for some invalid polygons

MSINT-2157 Generating the non-conformance hotspot can cause 'CLRGEOM: Geometry contains no coordinate data' errors

Version 2.6.1 PDF



MSINT-2026 Consolidated SOAP API endpoints

Bug Fixes



Google BigQuery performance and query size fix

MSINT-1600 FME FileGDB output not respecting character length

Version 2.6.0 PDF




Show which session queue is running a session


Support Oracle Database 19c R1 (Database 11g no longer supported)


Support for measures for GDAL data stores


New built-in functions (class_get_attribute_type, class_get_attribute_value, class_get_attributes, class_is_attribute_null)


Data Store setting to specify whether to read M or Z when reading XYZM data


Enable Windows Authentication for the FME SQL Server Data Store





New datastore type: Google BigQuery


Restrict Open Data Task's extent to that of convex hull of already loaded data

MSINT-2034 New landing page and menu bar

Bug Fixes



PostgreSQL repository: Error when uploading large files


Height built-in function throws exception for non-heighted geometries


Remove WildFly library classpath warning in logs




rule_hotspot_geometry built-in function isn't restorable from a 1Integrate for ArcGIS .rules backup


Two dots in a FGDB data store name gets blocked by security check


Job graphs don't work consistently across all browsers


PostGIS data stores: Cannot set 'Output Mapping' to a different target table to source


GDAL data stores leave file handles open, leaking resources


WebLogic startup errors related to classes implementing the Java EE spec


Data store names inconsistently referenced in file upload errors


NullPointerException when generating hotspot for spatial relationships in certain conditions

MSINT-1315 nearest_point built-in function default value for third parameter (return single point) should be 'true'

Version 2.5.1 PDF








Security: Various security improvements

MSINT-1947 Update to latest JQuery

Bug Fixes


Version 2.5.0 PDF




Out-of-the-box ability to read and write PostGIS data from PostgreSQL 9.5 without the need for FME (PostGIS via FME on Linux no longer supported)


Support Java 1.8 Update 211


Upgrade to FME 2018 (Note: Using FME 2018 via Data Stores on Linux when running on WebLogic can cause crashes which will be fixed in a later release)


New copy_attributes Built-in operation to copy matching attributes from one object to another


Use more meaningful names for files created by downloading entities


Improve data upload form to be the same as rules upload form


Allow rs_data_loaders role to upload files


WebLogic, default users changed to match WildFly

Bug Fixes



Open data tasks error when opening two tables into the same class


Loading a large ontology to a data store takes several minutes to upload/select data store/use as context


When reporting missing built-in function, report the rule that contains it


Cache viewer not showing multi-part geometries


Cache Viewer rendering wrong for Geodetic data with reversed axis ordering


Cache viewer doesn't display Advanced Style page correctly


Ontology is not backed up with the data store


Type error starting session when ontology changes type


Data Gateway: Enable definition of user-defined classes through API to prevent validating report objects.


ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified sometimes seen at startup


FME PostGIS Data store: Datatype int is read as fme_varchar