Using 1Data Gateway

1Data Gateway is an intuitive web-portal allowing you to submit, check, validate, and fix data for submission.

Users will refer to anyone working on the main workflow, while Administrators will refer to any role with administration access.


There are four roles in 1Data Gateway: two are for the suppliers of data, and two are for the receiver organisations.

Role Description
Supplier User A supplier is a standard user of 1Data Gateway. A supplier can only see packages of work they have been assigned to and can only view statistics for their own submissions.
Supplier Supervisor A supplier supervisor has the capability to view and work on submissions made by other users in their organisation and can see their statistics.
Receiver A receiver will be able to view, download and configure projects and specifications.
Site Administrator The site administrator role has access to all administrative capabilities.
An overview of the 1Data Gateway User Interface

As a User you will have access to three main tabs:

Users may also want to familiarise themselves with:

     Note: Visit Submissions Quick Start for the main workflow.