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1Spatial is a global leader in providing Location Master Data Management (LMDM) software and solutions.

With location data from smartphones, the Internet of Things and great lakes of commercial Big Data driving decision-making, 1Spatial’s technology platform ensures that the data used to make decisions is managed efficiently and provides organisations with confidence in the data they use.

We understand that you work with disparate datasets, that may be held in silos, in different formats and in different systems for different purposes. Often your systems architecture contains overlapping profiles of information about the same physical entities. Your data may be structured or unstructured, collected at different times or captured using a variety of different technologies. As a result of these factors there may have been constraints applied to the level of accuracy achievable in the data capture. Managing and maintaining data manually is both complex and costly and can seem overwhelming. This can lead to friction, inefficiency, and risk in business processes.

Location Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) as a technology-enabled discipline enables you to connect or combine data from multiple sources in different systems to enable enhanced analysis via business applications. These provide richer insights that help you to make better, more informed decisions. It helps you create a much better set of operational guarantees about consistency and synchronisation of information between disparate systems. In practice, however, many of the key data attributes for data are related to location because the key business requirement is to be able to accurately find the entity in the physical world.

LMDM ensures that your data management process is automated and repeatable across your enterprise and different technology platforms. By cleansing, matching, synchronising and analysing different data, it delivers significant cost and time savings, and crucially, data that you can trust and rely upon. It also prepares your data for system replacement and consolidation if needed. Unlike traditional MDM, LMDM provides you with the right location-enabled technology to meet your unique needs for spatial and non-spatial data.

Current, complete, consistent, and coordinated data

The 1Spatial platform is a complete set of LMDM software components, which combines servers, portals, dashboards, SDKs, APIs, business-focused applications and our patented 1Integrate rules engine, that you can use to ensure your master data is current, complete, consistent and coordinated – and that you can be confident it will remain that way as it evolves. It allows you to master your data in any device, anywhere, anytime, and as SaaS, software on-premises, or as a hybrid of both.

Are you ready to unlock the benefits of 1Spatial LMDM?

  • Cleanse - Prepares disparate data sources for synchronisation, including validation and correction to measure and improve quality.
  • Match - Uses spatial and non-spatial techniques to identify where and how data in different systems connects together and helps to manage and improve semantic consistency.
  • Synchronise – Implements automated data improvement processes integrating change only update to maintain uniformity and keep different systems synchronised.
  • Analyse – Make business-critical decisions and support initiatives using quality data to gain richer insights. View quality issues, audit logs and reports to manage stewardship and accountability and ensure LMDM Corporate Governance principles and solutions are embedded into your organisation.

Now you have unlocked the value in your master data you can utilise 1Spatial’s innovative business applications to solve more business issues that are underpinned by location data.

Smarter Data

Careful and automated master data management is at the heart of everything we do. Our 1Spatial platform allows you to revolutionise this process, delivering significant time and cost savings whilst crucially giving you confidence and trust in your data.

Smarter data means smarter decisions, and smarter decisions mean a smarter world.