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We are committed to bringing insight to our shareholders and are delighted to have been working with Edison who is an investment research and advisory company. This research is now available for you to read by following the below links:

Edison Research




Resilience and a growing pipeline30 September 2020UpdateRead more
Remaining Resilient28 July 2020AGM StatementRead more
Well positioned to cope with any downturn15 June 2020UpdateRead more
Trading in line, no COVID-19 impact so far23 March 2020Trading UpdateRead more
Launch of 1Data Gateway6 March 2020Flash NoteRead more
Update suggests performance is on track8 January 2020Progress UpdateRead more
Mapping a future path18 November 2019UpdateRead more
Encouraging early signs from GI14 October 2019 UpdateRead more
Strategic and financial progress14 May 2019UpdateRead more
1Spatial further evidence of execution
08 May 2019
UpdateRead more
Transition on track07 March 2019
UpdateRead more
Spatial Awareness
22 January 2019
OutlookRead more 
Building a platform for sustainable growth23rd October 2018UpdateRead more
£8m raise to drive expansion
27 July 2018
Flash noteRead more
A note of confidence
18 June 2018UpdateRead more
Knowing where it is going
31 May 2018UpdateRead more
£1.6m deal with Land & Property Services
03 April 2018Flash NoteRead more
Core GIS business robust/disposal of Enables
15 March 2018UpdateRead more
Progress in the US11 January 2018Flash NoteRead more
Turnaround plan on track in H1
11 October 2017UpdateRead more
Recovery plan
14 September 2017UpdateRead more

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