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We help customers make better business decisions and move forward to a smarter world, by unlocking the value of location data.

We unlock the value of their location data by bringing together our people, innovative solutions, our industry knowledge and our extensive customer base. Our talented people work collaboratively with customers and partners to build innovative data management solutions and business applications in our target industries and geographic markets:

  • Government, Utilities and Transport
  • UK & Ireland, USA, Europe & Australia

Growth Strategy: Three Strategic Pillars

We are building our highly scalable business on three pillars:

1/ Innovation

Innovation lies at the heart of 1Spatial. We have been at the forefront of providing software to manage location data for over 50 years. We help organisations build strong location data infrastructures, leading to better business decisions. We do this using our automated, rules-based approach to data validation, integration and enhancement.

Our three areas of innovation are:

  • Data Management Solutions – 1Integrate: We will enhance our core 1Integrate rules engine, using new technologies to improve our competitive positioning through increased data management.
  • Business Applications: We will develop and bring to market powerful business applications, developed to meet our customer needs. We will focus our efforts on the sectors in which we have extensive domain expertise and proven competitive advantage.
  • Cloud platform: We will deliver our business applications quickly and efficiently. We are developing a scalable multitenant cloud platform, which will provide customers access to turn-key versions of our business applications.

2/ Customer Relationships

We will grow our customer base and strengthen customer relationships. We want to be our customers’ strategic partner and trusted advisor in Location Master Data Management in our chosen industries and geographies.

  • We will leverage our customer relationships to identify business problems and develop business applications to solve them.
  • We will be first to market with innovative solutions for widescale business problems within our target markets.
  • We will use our sector specific business applications to secure new customers and expand our engagements through the cross-sell of additional solutions, 1Integrate and business applications.

3/ Smart Partnerships

We will use smart partnerships to extend our market reach, providing additional scale to our capabilities.

  • We will partner with major technology consultancies and GIS providers in complex customer programmes. Our powerful rules engine, 1Integrate, will provide the data cleansing and automation, allowing the software components of the programmes to communicate with each other.
  • We will collaborate with software platform providers, such as Esri Inc.. We will enhance the value of their technology in their platforms through the development of pre-built business applications.
  • We will partner with other organisations to enter adjacent industry verticals, where our location data expertise can combine with their domain expertise.

We will consider strategic and bolt-on acquisitions to complement our organic growth.

Underpinned by the People within the business

At the heart of each of these is our 1Team – a world class, dedicated, passionate and driven team of people who embody our Brand Values. Their ability to continually innovate whilst delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction means that our growth pillars are built on very secure foundations.