As a member of the Nethys Group, RESA is the main Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for electricity and gas in the Province of Liège (Belgium). Today, with nearly 900 employees and providing energy to 71 towns around Liège, RESA capitalises on the expertise gained by the teams of the old Associations Liégeoises for Electricity (ALE) and Gaz (ALG) over the past 90 years. RESA benefits from a long experience, a huge expertise and a strong identity.


After a call for tender’s procedure, RESA chose 1Spatial to renew its business Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to provide a modern solution to manage electricity and gas networks. The solution needs to cover the users’ needs at the office but also enable Web users to work on GIS data and business applications; a mobile version of the GIS will be finally set up to assist field workers.


The project is currently in the deployment phase.

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