With its free 3D viewer, 1Spatial raises awareness of interoperability between BIM and GIS

The viewer is a light version of the Elyx 3D Geographic Information System and provides an easy and free access to the vast geospatial OpenData databases available worldwide.

1Spatial facilitates rationalisation and access to spatial and geographic data captured across the globe. The Elyx 3D viewer enables the use of all the visualisation and navigation tools of the powerful Elyx 3D platform for professional uses of demonstration or consultation, or for first tests with a Geographic Information System.

Technology at the heart of the management of Smart Cities

This viewer provides access to a technology at the heart of land management and Smart Cities. 1Spatial creates an additional gateway between engineering offices, architects, businesses and cities for sharing their 3D data based on interoperability standards. With being able to read and aggregate CityGML data and any vector file or scene, the Elyx 3D viewer allows you to navigate freely through the 3D models of whole territories, by consulting geospatial data.

Free navigation through 3D models of whole territories

In rapidly changing industries, the mutualisation of geospatial data and urban planning studies is a real challenge with an objective to save time, reduce costs and make decision-making easier in order to manage territories in a sustainable way. Energy, traffic, sunlight or wind studies, 3D models… many costly to gather information can be reused in common databases.

Pooling data for sustainable land management

“The data aggregated in GIS by land managers have considerable value for an architectural firm or engineering offices and vice versa”, explains Anne-Lise Poplavsky, Elyx 3D Product Manager at 1Spatial. “By facilitating access to Elyx 3D, we want to accelerate the approximation of sectors that coexist without always managing to talk and to encourage a more sustainable land management .”

You can download the free Elyx 3D viewer via this link:

You can also find links to examples to some OpenData from the Metropolis of Lyon and the City of Brussels.