Smarter data for agile operations

Defence departments can’t balance speed against accuracy. They need both.

Situational awareness requires accurate information compiled quickly from different sources.

We have a long history of working with defence organisations around the world. We help them automatically assimilate geospatial data in different formats, often in real or near-real time – because smarter data means better-informed decisions.

“Working with the team at 1Spatial was great and together we quickly created and tested all the rules that the Government and Army needed. This meant we didn’t need to employ and pay staff on our side or develop many new things on our own.”

Jimena Martinez, GIS Project Manager | SINFOGEO

1Spatial underpinning the quality of important European data project

By utilising 1Spatial technology, SINFOGEO were able to underpin the quality assurance of their project at every step of the data supply chain. The fact that it was a cloud-based service also meant that they could remove all of the expensive and time consuming set up activities involved in deploying software and hardware at each contributor’s site across Spain.

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As specialists in data management, we have worked with the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) for over thirty years. We have defence sector and Geospatial Intelligence (GeoInt) customers around the world, including the Brazilian Army and the Royal Saudi Air Force.

Our rules-based technology automates data management processes such as data validation, cleansing, integration and conflation. By translating expert knowledge into user-defined, user-managed rules we enable organisations to quickly ingest new data from different sources and in different formats.

Our solutions eliminate much of the labour-intensive manual checking that is traditional in geospatial data management. One client, the MoD’s No 1 AIDU, reduced critical data upload processes from 28 to just 2 days.

As a result, organisations always have the latest, most accurate data at their fingertips to enable agile and informed response.

Our technology also supports the nimble creation of new map or chart products – in digital and paper form – for special operations and collaboration with allies.

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