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Government departments, at all levels, are the source of and customer for accurate geospatial information.

They are uniquely placed to see across their geographies and to uncover new insights and unseen potential. But, they must also manage data from disparate sources to ensure consistency and quality.

At the same time, citizens and businesses are increasingly looking for government to provide authoritative geospatial data.

We support government departments by dramatically reducing the cost and time required for the effective management of geospatial and related data.

Smarter Data

The world’s largest geospatial databases and geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) initiatives use our automated, rules-based approach to cost-effectively manage their critical geospatial data. Our clients include the US Census Bureau, the UK’s Ministry of Defence and agencies in all areas of government including: transportation, mapping, energy and emergency services.

Our innovative software takes the algorithms, rules and knowledge within the minds of your experts and converts them into a central, user-defined and user-managed repository of software rules.

No programming or developer-coding, just a set of automated, easily repeatable business rules that can run regularly on your data – before acceptance and integration or during the data’s lifecycle – to find and fix quality issues.

Turning expert knowledge into consistent, objective rules reduces the scope for variation and human error. It frees experienced professionals to focus on innovation and insight for your organisation.

And, it ensures that your central database is always accurate, giving you a holistic, consistent and current view of your data.

Your data is more valuable and more usable as a result. Users have greater confidence and gain greater, more current insight.

Combining different datasets for ad hoc analysis becomes straightforward too. Analysts, in government or industry customers, can easily combine, for example, road network information with disaster data or population growth to create new perspectives.

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