Smarter data for smarter cities

The world is urbanising at an astonishing rate. Today, 54% of people live in an urban area. Cities produce 80% of global GDP and 70% of greenhouse gas emissions.

City managers have the challenge of making their cities work effectively: providing more efficient public services, managing sustainable growth and attracting talented residents.

Geospatial data necessarily lies at the heart of city management – something can only be managed if you know where it is.

We work with city administrations around the world to help them leverage their location data to create smarter cities.

The little book of Smart Cities

This book explores the growth of the Smart City concept and how successful projects
have used geospatial data to help their cities get smarter.

The city of Marseille offers city managers 1,000 layers of geospatial features, sorted by theme.  These include networks and cabling, urban planning, parking, taxi data and video protection.

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We support city administrations at every level of managing and using geospatial data.

Our technology helps cities to break down departmental and organisational silos. We help you gather data from different sources and in different formats and collate it into a single, authoritative view of your city. Data can be validated, cleansed and consolidated to create a single source of truth that all city functions and partner organisations can then share.

Elyx Cities is our off-the-shelf GIS solution created especially for the needs of urban planners and land registries. It enables city administrators to create multi-layered land-use models that are compatible with INSPIRE or other data standards. Different data layers can be accessed by different users according to their role.

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