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Smarter data for better network management

District heating and cooling systems can deliver climate control to large buildings and urban spaces with far lower environmental impact than individual, per-occupier alternatives. These systems rely on the effective management of their large and complex networks of pipes and cables. We work with leaders in the heating and cooling sector to help them map and manage their estates.

The benefits of accurate, complete and timely spatial data

  • Develop the expertise – For the production and distribution of sustainable local energy.
  • Enhance network performances – Continuous optimization based on a better insight and management of the network evolutions.
  • Optimize the operations on the field – Qualify the assets on the field and work quicker.
  • Reduce risk – Avoid the services disruptions, enhance the networks knowledge and identify the risks zones to target the maintenance and renewals operations.

We work with heating and cooling firms and with stakeholders such as city administrations and utility companies to help them maintain complex networks of assets.

Our technology dramatically reduces the time and manual effort required for the management of geospatial data. We help organisations create an accurate, authoritative view of the location and condition of their assets, by drawing together data from different sources, even in different formats. We offer products that have been designed for the unique needs of heating and cooling organisations.

Benefits of these solutions include:

  • Management of asset maintenance programme
  • Capturing details of network structure
  • Calculation of water pressure zones
  • Management of leaks and supply interruptions
  • More efficient field maintenance and better customer satisfaction
  • Multi-layer mapping of land-use, boundaries and underground utility networks

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