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Why Invest in 1Spatial

 Growing market opportunity

  • We sit right at the heart of changes happening now across multiple sectors, enabling a smarter, safer and more sustainable world. Whether that be in helping governments and energy providers prepare to meet the green agenda, supporting the investment in infrastructure upgrades as the world’s economies prepare for post-COVID recovery, or implementing digital transformation strategies.
  • We are investing in our global partner strategy to take advantage of this growing market opportunity.
  • The USA presents a significant growth opportunity for the Group.

Long-standing location data expertise

  • We are pioneers in the cleansing of location data.
  • Our market leading technology powers some of the world’s largest location data implementations.
  • We understand the complexity of location data formats and sources, the rules that need to be applied and the issues that arise.
  • High barriers to entry.

Valuable customer base

  • We have an extensive customer base of over 1,000 organisations, providing a strong basis for growth through upsell of additional services and products.
  • We benefit from high levels of customer retention.

Scalable business model

  • We are transitioning to a SaaS delivery and business model, with a growing proportion of recurring software revenue.
  • We are building an elastic, multi-tenant cloud platform to support increased market penetration and scalable growth.
  • Our valued partners provide additional sales and marketing reach.

Strengthening financial position

  • We are delivering growing revenues, with our global offering and clients in 22 countries.
  • Our focus on growing recurring subscription term licences, our SaaS strategy and other recurring revenue on long-term contracts.
  • Positive adjusted EBITDA and cash generative.
  • Strong balance sheet with net cash position.