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Category: Webinar
Start date: April 06, 2021
Time: 14:15-15:15
Place: Visio Conference

arcOpole PRO Road Reference System is a GIS software dedicated to the management of the road repository, it manages all the design and updates  of the road network. The software models the road repository in detail and provides a representation of the road map, identical to the reality on the filed.

arcOpole PRO Road Reference System is one of the software packages in the arcOpole PRO range. It allows local authorities to have a centralised and up-to-date reference system for the road network on its territory.
The repository can be made available to other departments to locate and quantify development and maintenance operations (safety, cleanliness, green spaces, works, maintenance, signage, public domain) or to promote the territory (heritage, tourism).

The software offers simple and complete functions, including: geometry input, topology maintenance, naming, location, status, inter-PLO modifications, multimodal lane design, management of intersections and junctions, parking, bypasses, classification/declassification, cutting, joining, reversal of direction, renaming, importing new routes, etc.

arcOpole PRO Road Reference System is the necessary software for any municipality that takes on the responsibility for road management.  The software enables the preparation of a road asset management system.

This webinar is intended for road managers in cities, municipalities, local and urban communities.

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