The Intercommunale des Eaux du Centre du Brabant Wallon (IECBW) is improving its services with the Elyx Aqua GIS

IECBWThe Intercommunale des Eaux du Centre du Brabant Wallon (IECBW) is improving its services with the Elyx Aqua GIS

The IECBW, which provides and distributes drinking water to 200,000 consumers in 12 municipalities of the Walloon Brabant province and in one of the Hainault province, has modernised its Geographic Information System (GIS). 

The Elyx Aqua solution, developed by the 1Spatial company, enables enhanced sharing of geospatial data and access to a series of tools specifically designed for water industry professionals (for example, managing interruptions in water supply, assistance in installing listening sensors, capture and management of hydrants and the calculation of fire coverage…).

Ensuring maintenance of our heritage

By migrating its former GIS to Elyx Aqua, the IECBW places itself at the forefront of innovation in ensuring the preservation of its heritage. The entire historical data have been redeployed and fifty employees of the IECBW now have access to them in desktop, web or mobile versions. High availability of data is ensured by centralising them in an Oracle database and responsive support is provided by the proximity of the 1Spatial Belgian teams.

A solution tested by numerous operators

The core functionalities of Elyx Aqua were in line with the specifications of the IECBW and a complementary module has been developed to process automatically 95% of plan requests received by email under the KLIM-CICC consortium. In this way, rejected requests are clearly identified so as to be easily dealt with by users. In addition, regular changes in the Elyx software and proposed new industrial functionalities will be of direct benefit to IECBW technicians via multiscreen interfaces.

“Apart from the fact that 1Spatial successfully migrated our old GIS to Elyx, respecting its commitments and with great professionalism, the solution implemented brings a real added value compared to the previous system”, commented Yves Renson, Deputy Director of the IECBW.  “For example, the recipient module can automatically respond to requests from KLIM-CICC, which allows us to redeploy a full-time equivalent to more rewarding tasks than the manual processing operations of the past.”

“This is a very fine collaboration with the IECBW, which rewards the expertise of the 1Spatial teams in the field of GIS dedicated to the management of water systems”, says Issam Tannous, CEO of 1Spatial France & Belgium. “We are proud to contribute through our Elyx Aqua solution to improving the services provided by the Intermunicipal Authority.”

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