EPTB Seine Grands Lacs in France will rely on GEOMAP-IMAGIS and 1Spatial for the maintenance and evolution of its GIS platform

Etablissement Public Territorial de Bassin Seine Grands Lacs in France (the EPTB), has chosen GEOMAP-IMAGIS and 1Spatial to oversee the maintenance and evolution of its GIS.

The EPTB is a French public establishment managed in cooperation with local authorities. It is involved in the development and management of rivers of all sizes in the Seine river basin and upstream of it. The EPTB facilitates and coordinates public action from local authorities (regions, departments, municipalities and their different groupings) throughout the territory.

Its main missions are:

  • Manage the risk of flooding in the Seine basin
  • Support river flow during the dry season
  • Take action to reduce vulnerability to flooding
  • Provide an advisory, facilitative and coordinator role to the communities of the basin
  • Preserve the environment.

To carry out its role, the EPTB operates 4 structures in the regions of the Seine, the Marne, the Aube and a dam on the Yonne. To cover this, it employs 137 agents working over a surface area of 9940 Ha with 810 Million m3 of water storage capacity. Its involvement in territories of varying scales leads to a diverse and distributed workforce on several sites, and the need for precise knowledge at a local level is imperative.

To bring a new approach to its GIS strategy, evolve current technical approaches and meet the new functional needs of users, the EPTB has called on the expertise of GEOMAP-IMAGIS and 1Spatial, signing a 4-year contract.

GEOMAP-IMAGIS, which joined the 1Spatial group in 2019, has been supporting public and private customers on ESRI technologies for more than 25 years. The company has an unrivalled experience in implementing collaborative web GIS products and solutions, built on top of ArcGIS technologies. It has a strong presence on projects where varied GIS platforms and strategic applications coexist in complex architectures.

GEOMAP-IMAGIS/1Spatial proposed its GIS development and integration services, as well as Third Party Application Maintenance, to support the EPTB project. The company is also working with its partner Isogeo to set up a catalogue of data and maps, which will enable internal and external users (including partners and the general public) access to the data available in the EPTB territory. GEOMAP-IMAGIS/1Spatial have proposed further collaboration with two subcontractors to ensure expertise covers all requirements: Oslandia for its QGIS capabilities and Atol CD for its DRUPAL competence.

In addition to ESRI GIS platform expertise, GEOMAP-IMAGIS/1Spatial have extensive experience as editors and integrators of 2D-3D GIS solutions, ensuring that a wide range of services, expertise and key competencies are bought to the entire scope of the project:

  • Expertise in a range of databases, with a focus on PostGRES/PostGIS for the EPTB
  • Unparalleled business knowledge in the industries of water, networks, the environment and local authorities
  • Extensive experience in the implementation of business collaborative Web GIS, particularly where many users are simultaneously working on the database
  • Integrating functionally rich turnkey applications into ArcGIS (the arcOpole PRO range: Property Value Request, PCRS, Dt-DICT, Interventions, Land, …)
  • The creation of numerous solutions for mobile data acquisition
  • Innovative GIS projects in 2D-3D
  • FME skills reinforced by 1Spatial expertise, as reseller and partner of Safe Software
  • A multidisciplinary team of more than 100 highly qualified people, with experience in the project management and TMA phases associated with deployment.

GEOMAP-IMAGIS and 1Spatial work to an Agile methodology which places the customer’s needs at the centre of development, all whilst promoting collaboration and quality of execution from teams.

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