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The self-service web-portal for spatial data validation, processing and analytics.

1Data Gateway provides your enterprise with a web-based portal to a smart, simple and controlled way to deliver validation rules, corrections and data enhancement processes, without the need for training.

Validation, Processing and Analytics

1Data Gateway can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise.

Validation, Processing and Analytics

1Data Gateway can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise.

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Correct, transform, inform and integrate

1Data Gateway applies our renowned rules-based approach to help you manage data. If you are dealing with complex and varied supply chains, 1Data Gateway ensures data is checked at the source.

  • Validate your data by returning a report showing exactly which features failed, where the failure happened and why, to help you make informed decisions
  • Enhance your data to correct, improve, infer or transform it, returning or integrating the enhanced data 
  • Automate the correction of invalid data from your supply chain through rules-based tasks
  • Help your team detect hidden problems and fix them before they become an issue, to ensure that submitted data is right first time

User focused, data driven

1Data Gateway has been designed to give you the peace of mind that comes with usability. With each process having defined and simple workflows you are guided through the configuration of projects or the delivery of data

  • An extensive online help is available to guide users through the interface and aid in the delivery of data
  • Multiple user permission levels give you control over the experience of your users
  • Create groups for your teams that reflect organisational structures or project groups, giving you the benefit of managing the data you gather on a team by team basis from a centralised location 

Analyse data delivery

Whenever processes are run, the resulting statistics are stored, and an intuitive dashboard is available giving you the power to review the data quality statistics for each of your projects. 

This allows you to see how the quality of data from a specific project or supplier changes over time. 

  • Quality metadata is stored in a standard database and available for export to third-party BI applications and dashboards for further analysis
  • Monitor overall performance by tracking valid and invalid features
  • Examine trends for all your projects as 1Data Gateway tracks non-conformance percentages
  • Take control of the details with submission-based tracking and examine the failure statistics on a rule by rule basis

Scale with your growth

With unlimited users and cloud-based deployment, 1Data Gateway has the potential to work for your organisation, no matter the size.

The engines powering 1Data Gateway can scale up and achieve high performance, even under heavy use. 

  • 1Data Gateway’s Cloud capabilities mean that your organisation can grow swiftly, and 1Data Gateway will keep up
  • Server-side processing ensures computing power is centrally managed, freeing up your devices from heavy processing loads
  • The ability to add unlimited users means that 1Data Gateway is designed to scale with organisational growth

Keep workflows secure

1Data Gateway can be configured for secure HTTPS access. Only users you have authorised for connection can access the system and job allocation ensures they can only access work they’ve been allocated by administrators. 

  • Synchronise your 1Data Gateway with organisational active directories
  • Use external authentication services through SAML and OAuth2
  • Have complete control over user permissions with multi-level permission-based user roles
  • Configure any email messaging for new accounts, or for password resets

Supply Chain Management

Use the power and simplicity of 1Data Gateway to manage your supply chain from data collection all the way through to integration into your core database. 

For organisations dealing with complex and varied supply chains, 1Data Gateway ensures data is checked at the source.

  • Using centralised management of suppliers, partners and rules to create a collaborative approach, 1Data Gateway promotes efficiency in data capture and submission across the supply chain
  • Transportation and infrastructure companies, government agencies, and utility companies are all among the types of organisation that can utilise 1Data Gateway to help improve productivity, lower costs and guarantee control, compliance and data governance

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Effective training ensures you get maximum return on your 1Spatial investment. Our courses cover all 1Spatial products for any level of ability.


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