1Generalise automatically creates multiple smaller-scale data products from large-scale data sources through a rules-based, automated data generalisation service.

It saves huge amounts of time and effort when producing smaller scale data products and also it allows you to rapidly generate new products in response to market demands.

1Generalise can be used to:

  • Perform automated model and cartographic generalisation
  • Automate the creation of small-scale data products from larger scale data
  • Use intelligent and powerful generalisation algorithms developed in collaboration with leading European Mapping Agencies
  • Define repeatable rules needed to transform data to smaller scales
  • Invoke generalisation processes from external systems via web services
  • Scale the system by adding processing resources to increase throughput when needed
  • Add your own specialist generalisation algorithms


  • Saves you money by minimising the resources required to generate data products by utilising automated product generation services
  • Rapidly create new data products by automating your product generation
  • Increase your product range to make more sales or attract new clients
  • Achieve the required product output, even for specialist requirements
  • Saves you time and money on data production by enabling automation even for large datasets
  • Improve the consistency of your data products by automating previously manual processes

1Generalise can collaborate with:

  • 1Workflow to automatically manage generalisation rules
  • 1Validate to ensure data quality is maintained in generalised products
  • 1Transact to guarantee the integrity of shared data

1Generalise dual viewer, allowing you to compare side by side two intermediate steps in the generalisation process.

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