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Master your business data to ensure high-performance digital networks

As the demand for data explodes, operational models must be hyper-efficient. From transmission optimization to efficient infrastructure operations, managers need reliable and accurate real-time information about their infrastructure and assets to satisfy demanding customers. To achieve these goals, companies are looking for efficient and adaptable people, processes and systems.

Telecom GIS for operation and decision support

1Telecomms is a geographic information system dedicated to the management of fiber optic and telecommunication networks, which allows to benefit from specific business functionalities and cartographic and schematic views to support the construction, deployment, operation and maintenance of telecommunication networks.

1Telecomms addresses operators, operators, engineering and construction companies, as well as local authorities and businesses by allowing them to locate their infrastructures and to have a reliable inventory of their assets and equipment, to operate and maintain them efficiently.

1Telecomms manages FttH networks, as well as aerial and copper networks.

Full web collaborative solution

1Telecomms centralizes all the information, their location and their associated documentation in a relational database to allow access in web and mobile mode by different user profiles.

From the preliminary design studies to the executed work file, the solution allows the creation and distribution of numerous maps and schematic views, such as the preliminary design map, full network map, the connection matrix, and the box plan, which are useful for all phases of construction or maintenance of a telecommunications network.

Outdoor-Indoor telecommunication networks

1Telecomms is dedicated to the management of optical fibers and telecommunication networks.

It also meets the expectations of managers of industrial or service sites, as well as building managers, by offering a full range of capacities for the management of outdoor communication networks (FttH, optical fibers, video-surveillance, vidéo-verbalisation, aerial) as well as indoor communication networks (computers or phone networks, sensors, video-surveillance).

1Telecomms can be completed by a 2D and BIM Facilities Management solution.

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Our recognized experience in telecom GIS allows us to support you in your projects for all types of digital infrastructures. To learn more about how our solutions can help you manage your telecom data, please contact us.