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Geographic information system for water and wastewater network management with ArcGIS from Esri

Based entirely on the ArcGIS Utility Network extension, with full support for the ArcGIS platform, and with business functions that take advantage of all of 1Spatial's experience in the field of utilities networks, 1Water enables modeling, management and operation of your water and wastewater networks at a level of detail that has never before been possible.

This latest version capitalizes on 1Spatial's many years of experience working with utilities and major network operators to help them ensure the safe and reliable supply of their products to their customers, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Leveraging these experiences, 1Water provides a collaborative Design, Manage, Operate environment that combines technical, geospatial, and operational data from multiple sources so that everyone has an accurate view of the network as it is operated.

1Water is the reference in water management and meets the needs of utility managers, local authorities, public and private companies of all sizes.


1Water is our new water and wastewater management solution. It is based on Esri's ArcGIS Enterprise architecture and uses the ArcGIS Utility Network (UN) model.

1Water provides geographic data and asset management, as well as network modeling, editing and analysis. The solution allows you to model your entire utility network in ArcGIS at a new level of detail and performance.

By relying on the powerful and innovative ArcGIS technology platform, we are bringing in this version all of our knowledge and expertise in the modeling and management of water networks to transform the complex needs of managers into a simple and communicative solution

  • 1Water offers a full GIS solution with complete capacities to the utilities industry.

  • 1Water provides a complete, reliable and efficient technological base to manage all data flows and business processes on the web, on mobiles and on office tools.

  • 1Water is a collaborative tools, which helps all person concerned by the networks operations or maintenance, to access accurate data in real time.

  • Through its teams, 1Spatial brings an expertise in GIS applied to the management of water networks, with numerous projects carried out in France and abroad.

1Water is a suite of professional software covering the comfort of precision editing in an office environment, and the needs of using web and mobile applications. 1Water is based on desktop, web and mobile interfaces of the ArcGIS Enterprise Suite from Esri, adapted to each user, offering them a professional environment that meets all their requirements, whatever their mission.

  • 1Water is integrated with the ArcGIS Enterprise platform, the leading technology in GIS, which provides mapping, visualisation, analysis and data distribution functions.
  • 1Water provides a complete geographic database model built on the Utility Network model and interacts closely with the ArcGIS platform, with authentication mechanisms using Portal for ArcGIS.
  • The desktop client on ArcGIS PRO offers an excellent desktop for designers, who benefit from precise drawing and powerful editing tools combined with 1Water utilities functions.
  • 1Water manages the workflows of different groups and types of users within comprehensive business interfaces that leverage the full web mapping, query and navigation powers of ArcGIS.
  • 1Water controls and manages the workflows of field editors who use ergonomic interfaces on Android to edit and view data.

1Water provides an architecture that allows easy integration with other software applications used by water utilities for asset management such as job tracking systems, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), customer management systems (CRM) and hydraulic modeling systems (EPANET)..

All the widgets and components revolving around the ArcGIS platform (for example, Dashboards, Insights and Mobile tools) extend our network solution to enhance real-time situational awareness.

The widgets and components make the data available through simple interfaces to the members of the organisation who need it the most: field workers, executives, managers, maintenance technicians, sales and accounting departments, and the general public.

1Water gives a full detailed view of technical, operational and managerial capabilities required of the concerned personnel to operate and maintain water and wastewater supply services respecting norms of quantity, quality, sustainability, reliability and cost.

  • The update functions support the precise capture of your network elements and guarantee the integrity of the data with a high degree of accuracy. The system models the real world in detail and guarantees the arc-node topology.
  • The IT administrator defines profiles for which he grants access rights to data and functionalities.
    The different groups of internal and external users use the information according to their rights.
    They consult or update data through maps and forms.
  • The application’s internal tools are used to monitor operations, diagnose the state of the infrastructure, schedule renewals and manage the activity throughout the entire life cycle of the asset.

Decision-making for the rehabilitation of water distribution networks in the traditional procedure is based on some simple indices such as the number of incidents while several mechanical, hydraulic and qualitative factors are taken into account in the process.

1Water helps to prioritise the rehabilitation of pipes based on different scenarios. The solution allows to organize the wide range of data to be used in decision-making models in the geographical information systems (GIS). It also uses component like queries, maps, reports, and dashboards, to help decision making.

L’application intègre la gestion des passages caméra (ITV) qui sont réalisées conformément à la norme EN-13508-2. Le module permet de visualiser l’emprise des ITV réalisés sur les tronçons, ainsi que leur historique. En sélectionnant un tronçon dans le SIG, on accède à des vidéos ou des photos, ainsi qu’aux informations sur les observations relevées, et ce sur les postes bureautiques et les postes web.

The application integrates the management of video inspections which are carried out in accordance with the EN-13508-2 standard. The module allows the user to visualize the ITVs performed on the sections, as well as their history. By selecting a section in the GIS, you can access videos or photos, as well as information on the observations made, in the office and on the field.

The module manages preventive or corrective cleaning by associating information that can be used in the management of the network. The operator can create a map of the cleaned networks by period, use the results to plan interventions, optimize his rounds

The module provides centralise procedures for localisation, management and history of preventive interventions (systematic maintenance, tour planning, control visits), or curative interventions (clogging problems, leaks, incidents, etc.).


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