Elyx Cities

Elyx Cities is a set of mapping solutions and Cloud services dedicated to land and local authorities which are ready-to-use and configurable following the needs and models of regional or national data.

Elyx Cities is a user-friendly solution that meets a set of issues that face cities, towns and local authorities such as the operation of cadastral data, planning permissions, the incivilities management, the demands of activity for the public domain, interventions on the field.

Various applications are proposed. All of them take benefit of the Elyx Suite power:

  • Wealth of operating and management features, including graphic selection tools, researches, themes, spatial analysis and creation of geo-located objects
  • Configuration flexibility, allowing the definition of the visual interface based on users’ profiles
  • Ease of administration to define users’ profiles and manage access rights

Cadastre and land planning

  • Consult the cadastral matrix related to the cartographic parcel
  • Research by cadastral section, cadastral plot, by owner or by street
  • Cross data with sectors and subdivisions plans, and planning regulations
  • Produce documents such as property records, plots information, drawings management with all the plot constraints (PLU for France, PCA for Belgium), changes management


  • Define an incivility on the field, associate documents and plan an intervention if necessary

Activity for the Public Domain

  • Manage these requests including the definition of different services that must intervene in the process, official documents needed for the application and spatio-temporal


  • Define and process interventions on the field or at the office by filling in the appropriate forms, adding documents (photos, emails, PDF) and defining the service or the actors involved

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