Elyx GIS Platform



Elyx is an integrated enterprise management solution in a service-oriented architecture.

Elyx Suite can:

  • share and standardise geospatial data in a robust and interoperable 2D or 3D database
  • consult, manage and distribute data on web, office and mobile platforms.


  • Provide an integrated and homogeneous software suite
  • Benefit from a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Take into account the norms and standards (OGC, W3C, ISO, INSPIRE, PCI, DT-DICT-precision networks, PLU)
  • Be compatible with Oracle Spatial / Locator and PostGIS DBMS
  • Provide a common platform for all 1Spatial business solutions (land, networks, buildings)
  • Allow GIS adaptation to other business applications.

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