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FME® in an Enterprise Environment

When your needs move beyond FME Form, consider automating practically anything with FME Flow. FME Flow works hand-in-hand with FME Form. Design the workflow you want to automate in FME Form’s drag-and-drop interface and then publish it to FME Flow at the push of a button.

Once hosted on FME Flow your Workspace can be scheduled to automatically run at any time interval, it can be turned into a self-service process for colleagues or the public to run whenever they want via a web-browser, or it can be triggered directly or called using the REST API, via any other application. FME Flow offers a lot of flexibility regarding how your ETL process is called, allowing you to integrate the process into your wider system architecture.

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Key Benefits

FME Flow is a proven enterprise solution that can help you save time, make your processes more efficient, and make entirely new things possible with your data. With FME Flow you can ensure your system is robust by being able to build in resilience and failover and as your needs change over time, it’s simple to scale your system. FME Flow is used to:

Access data on your network or open up FME Flow to the outside world and consume data into your environment or private cloud.

Move data between systems on a schedule or as a result of a trigger… keep on-premise and cloud environments in sync with each other.

Size your data integration environment to meet your needs with standard or dynamic engines you can cope with your day to day data processing requirements and manage peak demands.

Need to synchronise data between more than one database overnight? Need to schedule a data load every month? Need to trigger an event when a photo lands in a folder on your network? FME can automate almost any data workflow for you on a schedule, with a trigger or as part of an orchestrated workflow.

The FME Flow data streaming service allows you to stream data to a supported client. So, dynamically update data in Google Earth, launch a data validation report in a new web browser tab or automatically open a dynamic PDF with content that changes each time you click it.

Create a data self-service tool and avoid manually handling repetitive data requests from colleagues, partners or customers. Build a simple UI with native FME Flow functionality or with a web developer construct a complex interface and call the FME Flow REST API behind the scenes to perform the heavy lifting for you.

Enable your users to download the data they need using a simple interface rather than expecting them to know how to use complex tools or providing them with security access to systems you’d rather keep more closely controlled.

Allow your users to upload a dataset to FME Flow, check it for quality and if it passes, FME can load it directly into your database so you don’t have to.

Build simple apps to allow users to control data integration tasks from their desktop or from their mobile device.

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