GIS Applications

Spatial advantageTM for land management and utility networks

Location is an increasingly important factor in all decisions.

Mobile and location-aware devices – from smartphones and smart meters through to sensors and drones – make the collection and application of geospatial data part of the everyday.

But, how do you make best use of this rich information? How do you help your organisation see what’s going on?

Our GIS applications are designed to draw data from across your organisation and make it available to any user, anywhere: in the office, on the web or on a mobile device.

We help put your location data to smarter use.

The City of Marseille provides its city managers with 1,000 layers of geospatial features that include networks and cabling, urban planning, parking, taxi data and video protection. All data is managed centrally from an authoritative, central data store to avoid duplication or inconsistency.

You might be planning effective, pre-emptive maintenance across a sewer network. You might be managing urban planning policies. Or you could be plotting the visual impact of a new building in 3D.

In any case, location information is key.

But, data alone is not enough. To be effective, you need to see what’s going on.

Organisations are increasingly building a geographic perspective into their decision making at every level.

Our Elyx Suite of GIS software is designed to take information from all across your organisation and provide geospatial insight to users wherever they are: in the office, on the web or on a mobile device.

Consistency is key. The Elyx Suite allows you to standardise and share information from applications and data silos in different departments, ensuring interoperability and compliance with recognised, international standards (such as OGC, ISO, W3C and INSPIRE).

We also provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of two sectors: land management (including land registration, cadastre and planning) and utilities (which includes telecommunications and cabling as well as electricity, water, gas, heating and cooling).

Business solutions for land and utilities network management.

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Elyx Cities is a ready-to-use and configurable solution for the management of land ownership (cadastre) and urban planning.

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Elyx Utilities offers an integrated set of business applications dedicated to the design, management and operation of public utility networks

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