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Smarter data for smarter decisions in a smarter world

In our Little Book of Spatial Data Management, we explore these exciting times for spatial data specialists.

There are more devices producing more data more cheaply than ever before and that data is being put to more, more useful purposes as the value of geospatial data in underpinning effective decision-making is recognised.

There are challenges too, of course. Geospatial data proliferates in a variety of formats, held in different places and of different – too often, unknown – levels of quality.

Geospatial data is increasingly recognised as a valuable corporate asset and organisations are taking a more structured approach to stewardship. Data management is being treated as an ongoing process rather than a one-off exercise so that valuable data is available for continued interrogation.

1Spatial solutions automate even the most complex processes for the management, integration and manipulation of spatial data. We have a wealth of experience working with the largest geospatial databases on earth and help national mapping agencies, utility companies, defence departments and the governments of countries, regions and cities to collect, store, manage and interpret location-specific information. Our open approach to data excellence ensures that our tools, processes and the data we manage work seamlessly with other leading players in the geospatial sector.

To learn more about how we could help you develop smarter data for a smarter world, download our little book today or contact us.

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