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ACT Emergency Services Agency


The ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) is a state government organisation, which provides emergency management services. It comprises of the ACT Ambulance Service, Fire and Rescue Service, Rural Fire Service (RFS), State Emergency Service (ESA) and ESA Support Services. Due to the serious nature of its decisions, ESA needs to keep well-informed by having constant access to real-time, accurate and relevant data presented in a meaningful manner.


ESA required a methodology to pull useable incident information from its corporate databases into a web-based mapping system. They needed a workflow to extract data and transform a subset of incidents and relevant attribution into web useable files. These files, which were to be created every minute, then needed to be ingested into a web mapping portal.


ESA use the developed architecture and feeds in emergency situations every day, assisting them to make faster and more effective decisions.

Case Study

Live incident mapping for ACT Emergency Services Agency

“1Spatial has demonstrated a vast wealth of professionalism and reliability in the way they have continuously supported our Incident Mapping System with rapid response times and competent consultants.”

Steve Forbes Manager Spatial Services, ACT Emergency Services Agency


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