1Spatial 18th Feb 2021
From barrier to enabler: Smarter data management

Join us on Directions Live Online webinar Series hosted by Esri! In this webinar, explore real-world use cases from glob...

FME 10th Dec 2020
Lighten your load with FME Server

Join the 1Spatial and Safe Software team as we run through real-world scenarios with FME Server!

1Spatial 27th Nov 2020
Aligning your work flow for GDA2020

See how we can help you understand the requirements needed for GDA2020 and the best way to migrate your data to this new...

1Spatial 12th Nov 2020
Utilities Day (SDSW)

Download our presentations from the Utilities focused day.

1Spatial 11th Nov 2020
Unlock the value of data with 1Data Gateway

In this webinar, we will look at 1Data Gateway’s latest NEW features and how it can enhance Esri and FME to automate val...

1Spatial 11th Nov 2020
Transportation Day (SDSW)

Download our presentations from the Transport focussed day.

1Spatial 10th Nov 2020
Government Day (SDSW)

Download the presentations from our Government focussed day.

1Spatial 9th Nov 2020
Plenary Session (SDSW)

Download our Plenary day, where we hear from keynote speakers, industry leaders and our own in-house experts.

FME 25th Sep 2020
5 Hot Features of FME 2020

In this session you’ll hear from our 5 highly qualified consultants on what their 5 hot features are in FME.

FME 3rd Jun 2020
Welcome to the FME Platform Data Spa (1Spatial)

Welcome to the 1Spatial FME World Tour 2020. At this event we hope you’ll begin your journey to achieving data serenity ...

FME 3rd Jun 2020
FME Platform overview

Hear about the history of Safe Software and the FME World Tour

FME 3rd Jun 2020
Whats new in FME 2020

What’s new with FME Workspace  Authoring: Desktop, Engine, and Hub  2020.

FME 3rd Jun 2020
1Spatial Product and Services

FME is used by organisations all over the world to manage data in a variety of ways. This presentation will cover the nu...

FME 3rd Jun 2020
Using FME Server to manage our Operational data during an incident

Hear how DFES dives into a complete workbench showing the benefits of FME Server and minimized the manual work load by 5...

FME 3rd Jun 2020
Firwoodmaps - Minimal Cartography in FME

Hear how Jan is using FME on a daily basis for routine data conversions and for building automated scenarios.

FME 3rd Jun 2020
The use of FME to replace manual tasks such as data extraction

I was hired to create basic GIS data and enter information, now I let FME do my work for me. Hear how FME is used to imp...